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The overall height of the cabinets reaches 126 inches. In another photo the designer said these were 10 ft. ceilings. KITCHEN CEILINGS 10 FOOT Cabinets and 10 ft ceilings – Kitchens Forum – GardenWeb See more about Cabinets, Ceilings and Kitchen Ceilings.

10 foot ceiling kitchen cabinets 2Underneath the ugly false ceilings are lovely 11-foot ceilings, waiting to be exposed. We have 10 ft ceilings in our kitchen and 12 ft in the rest of the house. Folk Victorian calls for 10-foot ceilings and their new kitchen had 8-foot ceilings. The builders removed the upper cabinets and added high wainscoting, capped by 1-inch molding. We are starting a remodeling project on our kitchen and the designer is strongly pushing us towards staggered kitchen cabinets (see image for example of what that means) because we have 10 foot ceilings. (see image for example of what that means) because we have 10 foot ceilings.

Ideas for that awkward space above your kitchen cabinets. If you’ve got high ceilings and a couple feet above the cabinets to work with, you have more options to create some interesting vignettes. I was wonering what you guys think about using 42 wall cabinets in an eight foot ceiling? I know there is no room for crown molding, how do you think it will look with just a small piece of finished. I have installed a couple RTA bathroom vanties but never kitchen cabinets. The ones I installed were pretty nice, all plywood sides solid wood fronts with dovetailed drawers. 10 foot ceiling heights in this new home design help expand the overall space for the kitchen design and provide enough height to include the beautiful stone hood. The blackberry stained cherry cabinetry for the main cabinetry provides a striking contrast for the natural stone hood.

Cabinet Height In Kitchen With 11-foot Ceilings? Good Questions

10 foot ceiling kitchen cabinets 3My Kitchen Refresh: Extending My Cabinets To the Ceiling. Here’s the thingwhen we moved into this house 10 years ago, we gutted this entire kitchen. (We only have 8-foot ceilings in this house, so anything I can do to visually raise them, I’m gonna!). 1-bedroom apartment home comes with a fully functional kitchen appliance package along with plenty of kitchen cabinets for storage. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are a popular design element for kitchens even though they often cause a large problem They compete with space and require the removal of bulkheads, those horizontal shafts that sometimes run below ceilings in a kitchen. How high should the wall cabinets be hung? My ceilings are 9 feet high. I believe there is a standard height above the countertop for kitchen cabinets. Use our 10 x 10 sample kitchen tool for simple price comparison purposes and to get an idea of how much your cabinet order will cost. My 18-by-9-foot kitchen, in a 35-year-old suburban house, required no major demolition or structural work. 1,899 to 2,999 for a 10-by-10-foot Ikea kitchen, for example. Removing the dropped ceiling and soffits in my kitchen added 9 inches of cabinet height and 5 inches of headroom.

Ideas For That Awkward Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

Although 8 foot ceilings can still be found in entry-level homes, most new custom home builders incorporate a more spacious 9 ft ceiling, and many popular plans also include at least one vaulted room. Top 10 Dos and Donts for Kitchen Cabinets. Since the cabinets are so close to the ceiling you won’t be able to screw them in from above the cabinets (like they were before), you are going screw them in from the inside. Mine are 9 or 10 feet. Because our cabinets do not reach the ceiling, we are also exploring whether to add small, glass-fronted cabinets with interior lights above them, or, alternatively, to install molding to the ceiling. She estimated that a 10-foot stretch of cabinets might have 21 doors.