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IKEA – BILLY, Bookcase, birch veneer,, Narrow shelves help you use small wall spaces effectively by accommodating small items in a minimum of space.Adjustable shelves can be arranged according to your needs. From a single bookcase to a wall-to-wall library, our BILLY bookcase system has it covered. It comes in different heights, widths and finishes, with adjustable shelves to suit all sizes of books, plus optional doors. BILLY bookcase, brown ash veneer Width: 15 3/4 Depth: 11 New. BILLY. bookcase. 69.99. Unit price. In October, IKEA will introduce a new, deeper version of its BILLY bookcase (with optional decorative glass doors), In other words, the BILLY will no longer be beholden to the dimensions of the hardback book.

Abalama I did this same thing in my living room, but we used the Billys that are 15 deep for this reason. Reply Flag. I definitely didn’t invent the idea of creating built-ins from the IKEA Billy Bookcase collection, so I take no claim in doing so. 15 inches. I hopped back online to see how wide the narrow BILLY Bookcase was 15 3/4. HUZZAH! So here’s what we used, a Besta underframe + Besta cabinet + Besta shelf unit and we combined the trio with two 15 deep Billy bookcases on each side. The solution was to push out the Besta a few inches to give the wider Besta unit more dimension and detract from the subtle color difference.

Apply smaller molding (we used 2 1/4 inch) where each bookcase meets to cover the gap. The Besta shelves are 15 3/4 deep, the Billy only 11; so the Besta wins on depth. Cut it (with a hacksaw) to fit the back of the shelf, minus a couple of inches. The version assessed for the index is a white bookcase, 202 centimeters (79.5 inches) high, 80 cm wide and 28 cm deep.

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If most games normally hang off the edge with BILLY bookcases, what would be a good replacement bookcase? I have Billy cases, and while I don’t have Ghost Stories, I believe the box is the same size as, say Ticket to Ride or Small World, and those fit with about 4 inches to spare. I shared all the how-to’s in the post linked above, putting the Billy bookcases together. Someone mentioned that they thought these 15 wide cabinets also come in the 15 depth, but I didn’t see them at my Ikea. Here’s how we took 4 IKEA BILLY bookcases and turned them into a library wall. The boards that cover the top are 17 inches wide to account for the 2-inch sides of the shelves. xo Kristin. Reply. Gillis Lundgren, who designed Ikea’s Billy bookcase and helped invent flat-pack furniture, has died at 86. IKEA makes 15 of these bookcases a minute, and has sold more than 41 million units by Billy’s 30th anniversary in 2009. Many are fingering the redesign of IKEA’s classic BILLY bookshelf to better accommodate items that aren’t books as a harbinger of print publishing’s demi. And who knows better about reading than me, BILLY BOOKCASE. Buy It Now. IKEA Billy bookcase 4 shelves as pictured – books not included! 78 inches high by 73 inches wide by 15 inches deep.

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