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1960’s Vintage Woody Woodpecker Stuffed Doll Toy Walter Lantz Prod. 13 Tall. 66.49. Vintage WOODY WOODPECKER Stuffed Plush Toy – 1950’s See more about Woody Woodpecker, Plush and Toys. 1950s 1960s & 70s Cartoon & Comic Character Toys For Sale. Fun-Flex Bendable Toys.

1950 woody woodpecker toy 2Walter Lantz, Dell, Edward Mobley, Woody Woodpecker, Rubber squeak toy. 1950s Pitcher Woodpecker Pitcher Vintage Water Jug Vintage Pitcher Jug Vintage Housewares C&Co Vintage Kitchen Vintage Serving Vintage Table. Vintage toy woody woodpecker this vintage toy is in good condition.The end flaps on the box have wear. Vintage Woody Woodpecker In Action Toy In Original Box 1940’s / 1950’s Lanz. Woody Woodpecker Taco Bell Toys, NIB Includes all Five. TRUE VTG 1950-60MISPRINT2Card deck Walter Lantz Woody Woodpecker Cartoon Comic.

Where In The World of George Pal Is Woody Woodpecker? Destination Moon (1950) that features Woody Woodpecker showing the scientific principles about how rockets work. In The Power (1968), George Hamilton’s character looks at a store window display and a mechanical Woody Woodpecker toy squirts water at him. This reviewer was never a huge fan of the character Woody Woodpecker, but Universal has done such a good job with this set, that it was. Toys&Games. Each disc opens automatically to an easy-to-use multi-layered menu, each of which includes as a bonus feature one or more of the featurettes that Lantz prepared for the Woody Woodpecker television show of the late 1950’s, when these cartoons were brought to television in an effort to compete with Disney’s growing TV presence. Whitman Woody Woodpecker Puzzle, 1950’s. Lovely vintage puzzle showing. Educational Toys Electronic Pets Fast Food/ Cereal/ Sweets Toys Games.

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1950 woody woodpecker toy 3Woody Woodpecker is an iconic cartoon star, the mascot and most successful cartoon series of the Walter Lantz and Universal studios, from his breakout debut. Yet another redesign came around by the 1950s, this time streamlining Woody’s design down to it’s bare essence, and making him incredibly tiny as well. Woody (or what we’re to assume is a stuffed toy version of him) makes a brief appearance in the first Universal Swing Symphonies short 21 Dollars a Day (Once a Month). Woody Woodpecker, Yogi Bear (greater than the a-ver-age bear), and Rocky and Bullwinkle? There was Huckleberry Hound, Mister Magoo, and the esteemed Looney Tunes, my favorite. A three-disc DVD compilation of Lantz shorts called the Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection was released on July 24, 2007 by Universal/MCA. When Castle Films distributed the Lantz shorts during the 1950s, a character named Pierre Bear was featured on the box art for a small handful of cartoons.

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