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Dorman Products – 924-312: Truck Bed Mounting Hardware. Application Summary: Ford 2012-97. The kit includes all bolts, nuts and washers necessary to secure the frame to the truck. Wasnt sure if this thread is in the right spot. but im taking the bed off my truck to get rid of rust and sure enough the bed bolts are not coming off. 2001 F250 ECSB with stuff that works with other stuff and kills jasper transmissions Say HELLO TO MY LITTLE FWEIND. SOLD – 2001 F250 XLT 7.3L SC/SB 4×4 (ESOF) – Tranny Upgrades; SCMT 1705; AIS Intake w/trimmed Snorkel; I called the ford dealer about new bolts and MAN ARE THEY PROUD OF THEM! Sold: 2011 F-150 XLT SuperCrew, 5.0, 4×4 Sold: 2000 F350 XLT PSD, 4×4, 6 speed manual Sold: 1987 F-350 crew cab, 6. Another vote for welding a large nut onto the bed bolts.

2001 ford f150 bed bolts 2Browse the official 2001 Ford F-150 part catalog and purchase official Motorcraft & Ford Genuine Parts. That’s similar to what I did last time I needed to remove a Ford bed. I just welded a piece of barstock to the bolts and had the friend that owned the truck hold it. 05 F250 bed mount supports rusty HELP Ford Truck Discussion. Spray the bed bolts real good with penetrating oil, they’re usually a little stiff.

99-16 Ford Super Duty OEM F250 F350 Pickup Bed Bolts with Clips.

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