3 8 Lipped Door Hinge Sample Plans PDF

Anybody know of a concealed hinge that will work with a 3/8 inset door and face frame construction? This surface mounted concealed hinge requires no boring. Accommodates inset, 3/8 inset (lipped) and overlay doors up to 3/4 overlay. Ouch, dang they are proud of this kind of hardware ) that will work for these types of doors.

3 8 lipped door hinge 2I have face frame kitchen cabinets with a 3/8 rabbet. They have overlay semi wrap hinges. Anyone know if there is such a thing as a concealed face-frame hinge for a liped cabinet door? I’ve gotten pretty much everything ready to go, the only problem I’m having is finding hinges that will work.

Euro-Hinge Replacement Guide. The reason is that European hinges come in a bewildering array of shapes, sizes and brands. Identifying the correct hinge for your application may not be easy. Blum, 1/2 – 3/4, 120, 55933. 3/8 Lipped Doors. They are available in models for both overlay and lip-inset applications. Before choosing a hinge type, you must first determine what type of cabinet construction you have.

Converting Overlay Hinges To European Hinges

3 8 lipped door hinge 3B & C. Similar to our regular overlay hinges, these have both leaves cranked to accommodate lipped doors.

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