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3/4 Classic Red Oak Plywood – Wood Veneer Core. Moisture controlled for stability; Sanded two sides; Great for crafts; Hardwood plywood; Nominal size. Shop Menards for beautiful hardwood plywood panels for your special projects. 1/4 B-4 Plain Sliced Red Oak Plywood – Wood Veneer Core. Online Price. Shop a variety of quality Plywood and Plywood that are available for purchase online or in store. 12345 (108).

antique shaker chairs value 2It is highway robbery here for hardwood veneer plywood, and just TRY asking for BB ply, they don’t even carry it around here. Cross bands are made of Lauan veneer. Baltic Birch Plywood-12 Inch X 30 Inch. Industrial Plywood, Inc. has been serving thousands of builders, cabinetmakers, remodelers, signmakers and craftsmen throughout Pennsylvania since 1951. 3/4, 4 x 8, Oak Bk. A-1, LC.

For hardwood plywood, the grading system for the face veneer is designated by letters: A is the best and D is the worst. Most of our hardwood plywood is manufactured with a poplar core, we and the majority of our customers find this preferable to fir or lauan because of its strength and workability. 3/4, 1/4, 1/8, Veneer, 13/16, Butcher Block. If you buy a 3/4-thick panel, for instance, it may stray 1/64 to 1/32 from that thickness.

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antique shaker chairs value 3Professional-grade PureBond hardwood plywood stocked at your local Home Depot store. You’ll find craftsman-quality, American-made veneer core hardwood plywood suitable for cabinetry, built-ins, furniture and more. Standard sheets are 4′ x 8′ and come in 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 thicknesses. Thicknesses range from 1/8 inch to 3/4 inch depending on the species. Plywood has many advantages over solid wood in cabinet construction. Hardwood Plywood. We stock Baltic Birch plywood, Red Oak plywood, Pre-finished Maple plywood and phenolic coated plywood. This means you will have a plywood that has a veneer core that will not warp or delaminate. 3/4 Phenolic Coated Baltic Birch Plywood — Smooth 2 sides. Information about decorative hardwood plywood products. ANSI/HPVA defines hardwood plywood as a panel composed of an assembly of layers or plies of veneer or veneers in combination with lumber core, particleboard core, MDF core, hardboard core, or of a special core material joined with an adhesive. Back grades: 1,2,3,4 Sizes: 4 6, 4 7, 4 8, 4 10, 5 8, 8 4 Thickness: 1/8 to 1-1/4 Core types: JayCore, KayCore, veneer core, particleboard core (PBC), medium density fibercore (MDF), combination core, Classic Core, lumber core. By using plywood graded under this system you are assured of hardwood plywood that should look and perform the same panel after panel. Rotary cut veneer is either left as a whole piece veneer, or is cut into narrower widths to be assembled later into a spliced veneer face. 3/4 60×60 18mm BB/BB Russian Birch v.c. (13 ply) 22 pcs per unit. Veneers. Timber Products Company hardwood plywood is available in many species; the options below are a sampling of available hardwood veneer. Anegre.

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Our large selection includes birch, walnut, & cherry hardwood plywood. Hardwood plywood is any type of plywood that has a veneer core and hardwood veneers on the face and back. Our domestic White Oak hardwood plywood is plain sliced. Many of our plywood panels have hardwood veneer that is hand selected for quality and consistency prior to being laminated to the core. Roseburg RediBead hardwood plywood is a decorative beaded panel that combines the look and feel of hardwood with a tongue and groove beaded appearance. RediBead is produced domestically from the finest hardwood veneer and cores available in the market.