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Built-in pantry cabinetry just a few steps away provides an additional eighteen linear feet of floor to ceiling storage. 9-foot Ceiling Dilemma: Cabinets stacked to ceiling or Open Shelves? A nine foot ceiling seems a bit high to run the cabinets all the way up to the crown. 36 base,18 back splash, 36 wall cab,12 wall cab with 6 inch crown build up.

36 inch cabinets 9 foot ceiling 2I’d like the wall cabinets to be at least a few inches higher then they are now—even if the existing cabinets are hung at the correct height. I just realized my cabinets are only 30 inches tall and all these years I assumed that they were 36 inches- and I’m pretty sure the new standard is 42 inch cabinets-If we had those i think I would be in the same predicament as you are now. My ceilings are 9 feet high. Kitchens Forum – GardenWeb See more about Cabinets, Ceilings and Kitchens. Do: Bring cabinets all the way up to the ceiling. I also have 10 foot tall ceilings and it wouldn’t be practical to have them go to the top.

I cry when I see 36-inch tall upper cabinets in anything but the lowest-ceilinged spaces, Griffin says. In lofty spaces (9-foot ceilings and up), stacked upper cabinets deliver more storage still. 9 Crown Molding Types to Raise the Bar on Your Kitchen Cabinetry. If you have an average ceiling height, about 8 feet high, 3 to 6 inches of crown molding can usually help fill any kitchen cabinet gaps. This kitchen design uses upper cabinets in varying heights for a stepped look, and the molding has the same stepped appearance. Some shelving, depending on the span (anything over 36 inches) can bow from weight if it isn’t supported correctly. If We have 9 ft ceilings and at present, our cabinets (uppers are 48) end about 6 inches from the ceiling. RE: 9 Ft Kitchen Ceilings 36 or 42 Wall Cabinets.

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Since the cabinets are so close to the ceiling you won’t be able to screw them in from above the cabinets (like they were before), you are going screw them in from the inside. Guess I could raise them to the 8 foot height so I could use open shelving beneath. Foot Kitchens with 10 Foot Ceilings 42 Inch Cabinets with 8 Foot Ceilings. 8 foot ceiling kitchen cabinets, with ceilings 36 cabinets inch 8.foot and 42 inch cabinets with 8 foot ceilings. Kitchen Cabinets with 9 Foot Ceilings via: houzz.com. Customize your kitchen cabinets the affordable. Some shelving, depending on the span (anything over 36 inches) can bow from weight if it isn’t supported correctly.

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