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Absolutely! Take them to the ceiling by using a 39 high cabinet and 3 crown. I have 8 ft ceilings and ordered 36 uppers. Grab every inch, don’t leave empty space of 3 inches and cover the gap with molding. The upper cabinets are about 14 inches deep, and the top cabinets are about 26 inches deep. However, the kitchen and bedrooms still have the 8 ft. ceilings, unfortunately. Get 39 cabinets and install some crown molding along the top of the wall. I hear that.. although my thinking was that the 3-inch difference was pretty much negligible.

39 inch cabinets 8 foot ceiling 2I’ve done 2 kitchens with 42 against 8′ ceilings and also 30 against a soffit. Inexperienced do it yourself-er. I have demo’d, sheetrock/spackled. I am ready to hang cabinets. I have 39 inch cabinets. I have 8 foot ceilings. We didn’t have have that luxury with our 8 foot ceilings. Plus I love the look of built-ins so we chose to take the cabinets all the way to the ceiling with a small crown molding.

Customize your kitchen cabinets the affordable. If you have an average ceiling height, about 8 feet high, 3 to 6 inches of crown molding can usually help fill any kitchen cabinet gaps. Pictures of 8′ ceiling with 39 inch upper cabinets. 9 ft hign ceilings are inconvenient for kitchen design and make it dificult for kitchen designers to stack cabinetry with appealing size cabinet doors. Phyllis, November 8, 2011 at 1:39 am:. Even if you don’t do anything to the ceiling but stager the cabinets with a nice crown molding will actually look pretty good too.

Cabinets In Eight Foot Ceiling Kitchen

How to build your cabinets up to the ceiling and fill in that empty space. We had about two feet of space above our cabinets and I made these 16 inches tall. (8) tile (11) tool school (10) travel (9) wicked cool (16) windows (25). Oak crown moulding for a 39 inch cabinet.Cabinets went to ceiling and ceiling was 2 inches out over 8 feet crown wasn’t easy. The area where the cabinets used to be, looks like 8 ft across on one section, and about 5 ft give or take on the other. The upper are 39 inches tall and go to the ceiling with a crown molding at the top. A thoughtfully designed kitchen plan with beautiful black cabinets. They used to have before 30-inch cabinets. And now, I put in 39-inch cabinets. And this is a great tip if you happen to have ceilings that are over 8 feet tall in your kitchen. The ceilings in the first room are about 12′ high, where the ceilings in the second are about 8′. See how much taller the room seems? OK, so let me get real here, regardless of the height of your chair rail, an 8 foot ceiling is never going to look like it’s 12 feet tall, but playing with chair rail height can allow you to play with the proportion of a room and help to visually heighten (or shorten if that’s the direction you want to go) how it feels. If you have a small crown molding and want to make it more substantial, rather than tearing it out and replacing it with a more expensive molding, add picture frame molding a few inches below the crown and paint it all the same color. I got new cabinets and the contractor cut into my window casing.

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General guidelines are 30 inches above (with an 8-foot ceiling, adding three inches for each additional foot). 42 inches from the surface of a 39-inch tall counter that spans around 72 inches. We’ll install three beams across the 8-ft. span. Steve Christopher August 4, 2012 Used Gary s mounting system on painted kitchen and stained library ceilings in the same house, made install easy! The issue was layout, there were existing recessed lights, HVAC ceiling registers and existing cabinets with various projections. To layout equal spacing problems I just use the plus, minus, divide, equal and memory buttons on my foot-inch calculator. Please note we have 9 foot ceilings hence we were able to purchase the taller built in versions. I am able to install the deeper cabinets, they are all going to be 22 7/8 deep. The 19 inch cabinets can have doors and the 39 inch cabinets can have doors, but not the 29 inch cabinets. Visit us for a big range of cabinets and sideboards at low prices. Store your stuff out of harm’s way with our ingenious, well-designed storage solutions. NORNS glass-door wall cabinet, pine Width: 14 5/8 Depth NORNS.

Here are some tips for cleaning the top of your cabinets, storing things there, and maintaining your future blissfully dust-free cabinet tops. The house is 8 yrs old and there was most certainly 8 yrs worth of dust up there. Laminate countertops with a standard backsplash are 39 high.