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Shop for Recessed In-wall 24-inch Medicine Cabinet. Mirror: 16-3/16x 22-1/4 Double Strength(.125) with single pass polished edges. You can get the Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinet from anywhere between Under 50 to 600? Read this Guide to Find out the Difference and Pick the Best One. The Bathroom medicine cabinets are designed for storage purpose. The height of this awesome cabinet is around 18 inches and the depth of 2.47 inches.

4 inch deep medicine cabinet 2Reflections 15 x 35 Recessed Medicine Cabinet by Alno by Alno. Because the medicine cabinet sticks out, the light fixture doesn’t protrude from the wall enough for light to spill over the cabinet and not be blocked. Short of building some sort of box to attach the fixture to to align the light with the cabinet, we can’t think of other possibilities. The medicine cabinet is the Godmorgon from Ikea.. and I believe it is about 5 inches deep. Medicine Cabinets: We carry Robern medicine cabinets, recessed medicine cabinets, surface mount medicine cabinets, Uplift medicine cabinets, triview medicine cabinets, biview medicine cabinets, medicine cabinets with a nightlight, medicine cabinets with electric inside, high end medicine cabinets, Robern Metalique Medicine cabinets, Robern Candre Medicine cabinets, Medicine cabinets with attached lighting on the side, 8 inch deep medicine cabinets, 6 inch deep medicine cabinets, 4 inch deep medicine cabinets, short medicine cabinets, tall medicine cabinets. 4 inch deep medicine cabinets, short medicine cabinets, tall medicine cabinets.

Shop Robern’s selection of modern medicine cabinets, mirrors, vanities and more. Enjoy major discounts, free shipping and no tax. Need a chrome single handle for a modern look? Robern UC3027FPE Uplift Mirrored Medicine Cabinet-30 Inch W x27 Inch H x 7-5/8 Inch Deep. Robern UC4827FPE Uplift Mirrored Medicine Cabinet-48 Inch W x 27 Inch H x 7-5/8 Inch Deep. The interior of the CD medicine cabinets is 4 inches deep and comes in White or Silver. Storage for your toothbrushes is built right into the cabinet door. Optional lighting and side kits are available.

15 Inch Medicine Cabinet

4 inch deep medicine cabinet 3With its slim, rounded frame and beveled glass, this medicine cabinet brings to mind the fittings found in hotels a century ago. A low-end rectangular medicine cabinet about 4-6 deep and varying from 15×20 to 30×36 with a standard hinged door starts around 15- 30 for a small plastic recessed model with one or two immovable shelves. Choose the medicine cabinet that’s right for you. Note that some medicine cabinets can be installed either recessed or surface-mount. See 16-inch or less-wide cabinets.

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