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DuroSPAN Steel 40x60x16 Metal Arch Storage Building Kit Agricultural Barn DiRECT. Steel 40x60x10 Metal Prefab Building Kits US Made Lowest Prices DiRECT. Pole Barn. We can tell you right off the bat that a Graber Pole Building is going to cost a lot less than a conventionally built building. On a 40 x 60 building, the price can drop to about 7.50 a square foot. How much a pole barn should cost. How Much Does a Pole Barn Cost?

40x60 pole barn cost 2DIY Pole Barn Kits vary in price depending on the size, customization, and your location. Lock in your price for 30 days with an Instant Quote! Got a estimate for a 40×60 pole barn yesterday and it just about floored me. Guess I wanted more than I can afford. 6 in concrete floor, insulated sho. Rhino’s 40×60 metal building is the most popular and most versatile structure–perfect for rural & commercial use. Pole Barns vs. In fact, any small business could make its home in this structure, from retail operations, to small manufacturing companies, to municipal buildings like rural firehouses.

I was looking at a 40 x 60 x 12 Sheet Metal building to start with, then a Pole Barn ranging from 40 x 40 – 40 x 60. Prices on the 40 x 60 ranged from 21,00 – 44,000 for the same requirements. I am looking at all my options for the 40 x 60 barn I am thinking of building. Building a stick-built building will double the cost, I personally could not justify that for a storage building. A painted roof will cost an additional 300); Shipping of materials is not included.

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40x60 pole barn cost 3Read general pole barn prices, tips and get free steel building estimates. Looking into building a pole barn, something along the lines of Cleary, Morton, ect. 40 x 60 in size at least, won’t have any concrete (right away). Any one have any figures per sq ft what it costs to build one of these? Just looking for any info people may have on the cost of an insulated pole barn not including the slab I am thinking 40x60x14 with over hangs and 2 man doors and three overhead doors.

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