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We have 8 foot ceilings and put up 42 inch cabinets. Ceiling beams and glass cabinets (Ceiling height is 8ft). I have 8 foot ceiling and am in the process of having cabinet finished.

42 inch cabinets 8 foot ceiling 2Typically, wall cabinets are available in 30, 36 and 42 in height. If you’ve only got 8 foot ceilings, you CAN squeeze 42 inch wall cabinets in, but you’d have no room for any kind of top molding. In addition, the wall cabinets would be right up against the ceiling, so the ceiling better be square and flat or things will look funny. We have 10-foot ceilings, and wall cabinets come in a range of heights, although 30 inches is the most common. My designs called for 42 inch tall cabinets with a 15 or an 18 inch topper cabinet on top of each of those. I could figure out a way to make them work in my tiny 8 foot ceilings, I would.

Total from the ceiling to the bottom of the shelf is 42 inches actually, just for reference. Guess I could raise them to the 8 foot height so I could use open shelving beneath. We tore out the plaster ceiling and replaced it with drywall and installed recessed lights. There are also 42 inch tall wall cabinets, which would be placed with their tops at 8 feet. A bulkhead fills the space between the cabinets and the ceiling. In a room with an 8-foot ceiling and a bulkhead, you can install 30-inch upper wall cabinets and still have a standard 18-inch workspace between the countertop and the underside of the upper wall cabinets. Taller, 42-inch wall cabinets will not fit beneath a bulkhead.

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Expert advice on how to buy new kitchen cabinets, including help with types and sizes, materials, judging quality, and where to buy kitchen cabinets. 18, and 24 inches for over sinks and stoves and 30, 36, and 42 inches for above counters. These heights are planned for standard 8-foot ceilings. If your ceilings are at 8 feet above the floor, then you shouldn’t go with a huge molding. Our kitchen ceiling is 8, and the cabinets have a 1 3/4 inch moulding built into the top of them. This beautiful kitchen in Alexandria, Virginia features many options such as extended top rail to allow for 42 inch cabinets and large crown molding with an 8 foot ceiling. It also incorporates matching end panels on the refrigerator, base and upper cabinets giving it a very nice finished look. Kitchen soffits as a drop down ceiling can serve a purpose, often it is to hide beams, wiring, and pipes but sometimes not; I’ve always preferred a kitchen ceiling the same height as adjacent rooms. They put in 2-foot soffits and dropped the ceiling to 8-foot. I did go with 42 uppers except above the fridge and around the sink where I went full height. The difference is that the old soffits were a couple inches deeper than the cabinets and were made of drywall on studs, and the new ones are flush to the cabinet faces and made of MDF. We had about two feet of space above our cabinets and I made these 16 inches tall. 42 comments:. (8) tile (11) tool school (10) travel (9) wicked cool (16) windows (25). The 108 inch tall Kitchen Ceiling Dilemma. Even if you don’t do anything to the ceiling but stager the cabinets with a nice crown molding will actually look pretty good too. My old house had 8 ft ceiling, but the kitchen had fur-down ceiling to the top of the cabinets, and my wife just couldn’t breathe in that kitchen, so I had to tear the fur-down out.

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Staff 9 0 ceilings 30 42 Upper Cabinets: Haas Dresden Cherry with 9′-0 Ceiling w/ 30 36 Uppers.