42 Inch Cabinets 9 Foot Ceiling Sample Plans PDF

With 9 ft. ceilings, I would definitely do 42 inch cabinets. If you have 9 ft ceilings, could you share some pics? But you have that added 6 inches too, which makes a difference. The ceilings are 9 feet and the soffits dropped to 8. I am in the process of purchasing cabinets for a kitchen with 9 foot ceiling. Plan B is the company will make a 48 in cabinet but with a 42in door.

42 inch cabinets 9 foot ceiling 2A nine foot ceiling seems a bit high to run the cabinets all the way up to the crown. 42 wall cab with 6 inch decorative soffit and 6 inch crown build up and let the room crown match all the way around. I’d like the wall cabinets to be at least a few inches higher then they are now—even if the existing cabinets are hung at the correct height. My ceilings are 9 feet high. Or, 54 inches from the finished floor. 34.5 base, 1.5 counter, 18 space, 42 upper cabinet gives you 96 right to the ceiling. 9 ft hign ceilings are inconvenient for kitchen design and make it dificult for kitchen designers to stack cabinetry with appealing size cabinet doors. The 108 inch tall Kitchen Ceiling Dilemma. Even if you don’t do anything to the ceiling but stager the cabinets with a nice crown molding will actually look pretty good too.

Standard widths for base cabinets start at 9 W with 3 intervals up to 36 W. We have 10-foot ceilings, and wall cabinets come in a range of heights, although 30 inches is the most common. My designs called for 42 inch tall cabinets with a 15 or an 18 inch topper cabinet on top of each of those. The 42-inch models are a way better option (plus, those six additional inches equal another shelf of storage space). In lofty spaces (9-foot ceilings and up), stacked upper cabinets deliver more storage still.

Upper Cabinet Heights With Nine-foot Ceilings

42 Inch Kitchen Cabinets, 8 Foot Ceiling Kitchen Cabinets. Quartz Kitchen Countertops With Oak Cabinets. Cabinets With Crown Molding. 42 Inch White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets. Kitchen soffits as a drop down ceiling can serve a purpose, often it is to hide beams, wiring, and pipes but sometimes not; I’ve always preferred a kitchen ceiling the same height as adjacent rooms. My house was built in 1907 and have 9-foot ceilings. I did go with 42 uppers except above the fridge and around the sink where I went full height. The difference is that the old soffits were a couple inches deeper than the cabinets and were made of drywall on studs, and the new ones are flush to the cabinet faces and made of MDF. Total from the ceiling to the bottom of the shelf is 42 inches actually, just for reference. Guess I could raise them to the 8 foot height so I could use open shelving beneath. For standard 8-foot-high ceilings, the crown/cornice height should be 2 to 6 inches; for 9-foot ceilings, 3 to 7 inches, and for 10-foot ceilings, 3 to 8 inches. Kitchen Soffits with 9′ Ceilings. Nine-foot ceilings will have an additional foot of space above standard wall cabinets. Another alternative is to replace the standard 30-inch wall cabinets with 42-inch cabinets, which provide more storage, although at a higher reach. I was wonering what you guys think about using 42 wall cabinets in an eight foot ceiling? I was wonering what you guys think about using 42 wall cabinets in an eight foot ceiling? I know there is no room for crown molding, how do you think it will look with just a small piece of finished trim instead of crown? I noticed various cabinet manufactures only offer 30 and 42 inch wall cabinets and not 36.

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Size Guide: Base, Wall, Tall Cabinet Sizes

If you’ve got high ceilings and a couple feet above the cabinets to work with, you have more options to create some interesting vignettes. Paint the ceiling, or extend the paint color above the cabinet to the ceiling. I have read so much lately that when redoing a kitchen the smart thing to do is to have the upper cabinets be the taller height of 42 instead. Real estate agents these days seem to assume that every kitchen has 42-inch upper cabinets, and that every ceiling height is at least 9 feet.