42 Inch Wide Wall Cabinets Sample Plans PDF

With a raised panel styling and a rich cherry finish this 42-inch wall cabinet provides a beautiful complement to just about every decor. Shop for 42-inch Shaker Series On the Wall Cabinet. Base cabinets support countertops, wall cabinets hang above counters or stoves, and tall cabinets are popular choices for pantries. Because drawers do not have to fit in a frame’s opening, they can be as wide as the cabinet, providing more storage.

42 inch wide wall cabinets 2So, the part of the cabinet that will be hidden will only be 15-18 inches wide. Available in 24-27-30-33-36-39-42 inch widths. 42 high-24- 30- 36 Wide Single Door Blind Wall Cabinet. 42 high has 3 shelves; shaped top rail not available on 9 and 12 wide cabinets. Wall Cabinets – 30, 36 & 42 High – Double Door. 42 high has three shelves.

With 9 ft. ceilings, I would definitely do 42 inch cabinets. With our wide range of styles you can find cabinets that will complement any kitchen. Check out this handy kitchen cabinet size guide to learn about the standard width, depth, and height cabinet dimensions for base, wall, and tall cabinets. Typically, wall cabinets are available in 30, 36 and 42 in height.

Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

White paint finishes still reign as the most popular kitchen cabinet finish, according to 2015 National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA). The hours spent using every kitchen appliance and inch of counter. Visions of wide open kitchens with multiple islands dance in our heads, but. Wall cabinets are typically used in kitchens, but can be added to laundry rooms, garages, offices or studies, or any room in the house. Framing is 1-1/2 wide in most cases. Large Double Door Regal Oak Wall Cabinet – 42 Inch Wide x 30 Inch High. 96.00 334.00 (You save 238.00). SKU: W4230-RGO. Vendor: Condition: Weight:. Wall cabinets also start at 9 inches wide, and progress up to 48 inches wide in 3 inch increments. The most popular heights in wall cabinets are 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 36, and 42 inches high. Many people forget that a bathroom wall cabinet will fit nicely over a toilet. You can place a cabinet that’s 24-inches wide by 42-inches tall if you want over a toilet. 27 High 24 Deep 39 Wide For Two Doors. 194.28. Add to Cart. Wall Refrigerator cabinet 27 High 24 Deep 42 Wide For Two Doors.

Unfinished Wall Cabinets

Kitchen Wall Cabinet 42 x 30 Unfinished Oak. Red oak doors, plywood sides, hidden hinges. Made in the USA. All in stock cabinets are pre-assembled. 36 to 48 inches deep and 36 to 120 inches wide provides ample work space and enough room for an overhang for sitting. 42 Inch Unfinished Wall Cabinets 9 Inch Wide Kitchen Cabinet Bathroom Wall Cabinets Unfinished 8 Inch Deep Wall Cabinet Unfinished Unfinished Base Kitchen Cabinets.