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8′ ceilings in the kitchen can be a limitation for kitchen remodels. If it’s a small kitchen, like mine — I would go for the 42 cabs. We have 8 foot ceilings and put up 42 inch cabinets.

42 kitchen cabinets 8' ceiling 2I noticed various cabinet manufactures only offer 30 and 42 inch wall cabinets and not 36. I’ve done 2 kitchens with 42 against 8′ ceilings and also 30 against a soffit. Check out this handy kitchen cabinet size guide to learn about the standard width, depth, and height cabinet dimensions for base, wall, and tall cabinets. 8Ft Ceiling, 36 Inch Cabinets, 42 Inch Kitchen Cabinets, 8 Ft Ceiling Kitchen, 42 Cabinets, 8 Ft Ceilings, 42 Inch Cabinets Kitchen, Shaker Style Cabinets.

When it comes to kitchen wall cabinets, things can get confusing quick. If you’ve only got 8 foot ceilings, you CAN squeeze 42 inch wall cabinets in, but you’d have no room for any kind of top molding. 8 Foot Ceiling Kitchen Cabinets. 42 Inch Upper Kitchen Cabinets With. 36 Inch Kitchen Cabinets. home interior your reference. The right way to put up cabinets with tight joints, flush frames, and perfectly aligned doors. Rachelle ReevesTue 8/4/15 10:02 am.

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42 kitchen cabinets 8' ceiling 3Most of us have 8′ ceilings in our homes but our cabinets top out at 7′ off the floor. Since the cabinets are so close to the ceiling you won’t be able to screw them in from above the cabinets (like they were before), you are going screw them in from the inside. We planked our walls in the kitchen and painted in the laundry room. Total from the ceiling to the bottom of the shelf is 42 inches actually, just for reference. Guess I could raise them to the 8 foot height so I could use open shelving beneath. This Alexandria Virginia kitchen is gorgeous and the client loves it. This allows us to use a 42 cabinet with full crown molding in a kitchen with 8 foot ceilings! Question about correct height of kitchen wall cabinet. There are also 42 inch tall wall cabinets, which would be placed with their tops at 8 feet. The ceilings in many rooms, including the kitchen, have been lowered to eight feet. We’ve owned and rented homes over the years with kitchen cabinet soffits, those boxy sheetrocked rectangles that take up space above kitchen cabinets. They put in 2-foot soffits and dropped the ceiling to 8-foot. I did go with 42 uppers except above the fridge and around the sink where I went full height.

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Do you like stacked kitchen cabinets? It’s when the upper cabinets have an additional cabinet above them. Of course it provides extra storage, but it also eliminates the open space that usually has display items. How to build your cabinets up to the ceiling and fill in that empty space. 42 comments:. (56) Stairs (18) stencils (8) tile (11) tool school (10) travel (9) wicked cool (16) windows (25). I have 8′ ceilings and most of my cabinets + crown molding go to the ceiling.