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Used primarily for dispensing homemade wine, in Box systems. Boxxle is a patent-pending dispenser for 3 l premium box wine, allowing you to enjoy the wine bar experience right at home. Just open the 3 litre (can’t use 5 litre) cardboard box container your wine comes in and remove the plastic bag holding the wine. VinKit (Box Wine Dispenser Kit) & VinBarrel Dispenser are Affordable Wine On Tap Dispensing Systems for your business. Display (Parental Lock, Dosing, Temp Control) for 35 Liter Box Wine.

5 litre wine box dispenser 2Before this review, I’ve never consumed wine from a cardboard box container. Michael August 16, 2013, 5:53 am. Offering a stylish update to boxed wine, the Boxxle 3-Liter Wine Dispenser features an attractive stainless steel design that makes a beautiful accent piece on your countertop. As if your Costco wine-in-a-box couldn’t get any classier, this Wine Dispenser is shaped like a box and pours out wine like a cheap middle-school cafeteria worker. You can skip this ad in 5 seconds.

This countertop wine dispenser enhances the function of bag-in-box wine packaging. Cooled wine dispenser for bag-in-a-box to pour up to 20 litres of cooled wine into a glass or a pitcher. It uses bags-in-a-box holding 5 and 3 litres both always ready to pour wine. Boxed Wine Dispenser is handcrafted from American White Oak, our new Bag-n-Barrel wine dispensing oak barrel holds a 5 liter bag of your preferred boxed wine.

Boxxle Bag-in-box Wine Dispenser Review

box wine dispenser cooler 35 x 5 Litre Bag In A Box Wine/Beer/Cider Storage Homebrew Plain White Boxes. Personalized Rustic Shabby Chic -Wooden Love Letter Wine Box-Wine Ceremony-Time Capsule. Brown Wine Purse – Serves 3 or 5 Liter Bag of Wine. Now also available is the tap to convert the bags supplied with wine kits into serving bags. The 5 Litre boxes may differ from the picture as the older style Brewmaker box is no longer available. Boxxle 3L Box Wine DispenserShop the best wine dispensers and read customer reviews at Brookstone.com! Boxxle is a patent-pending dispenser for 3 Liter premium box wines, allowing you to enjoy the wine bar experience right at home! Just pick up your favorite, premium 3 Liter bag-in-box wine (or try a brand new one!) and place the bag easily into Boxxle. Displaying reviews 1-5. Polyethylene bladders of 1 gallon (4.5 litres) were placed in corrugated boxes for retail sale. The tap utilised by bag-in-box packaging greatly reduces oxidation of the wine during dispensing. The 5 litre re-usable Wine Boxes with a tap save bottling and can be placed in the refrigerator The inner plastic bag collapses expelling any air protecting the wine from oxidisation.

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