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I think its time to upgrade from my 10 yr old Husky 51 to a new firewood saw. I cut about 8-10 cord of mixed hardwood of various diameters. What am I cutting? Everything. Limbs at the chipper, firewood rounds, flopping small trees, etc. How do I say it? The shit you do with a chainsaw is the best way I can put it. Been looking at getting a husqvarna 562xp with a 24 bar. FWIW: The 562xp is an extremely smooth running saw with a surprising amount of power for a 60cc machine.

562xp for a firewood saw 2The factory bar that came with my saw is a bit of a POS. I call it the Pinchmaster 9000. I like a 20 bar on 60cc saws. Originally i was told Husqvarna was going to produce both saws that has since changed. Any one who wants a 357 should consider buying one soon because whats in the warehouses is it for a legendary firewood saw. The 562xp looks like a good replacement with about the same weight and a little more hp, the same (14500 to 15000 max) rpm range, but it always makes me nervous when someone tries to fix. When looking for the best chainsaws for cutting trees you need to think about price, safety, usability and power. Are you gathering firewood or simple around the house jobs. Husqvarna 562XP Chain Saw. Welcome to the next level of power! WOW.

Back in those days fire wood was an absolute necessity for cooking and heating. Been a good saw, but I think its time for a new saw and keep the stihl for back up. So which one u guys prefer. Using for firewood, but I generally cut around 50 to 60 pickup loads a year. Wood mill, this is in Russian I believe. The pictures show their ingenious process for home log milling with a chainsaw. I may be trying this one this winter.

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I heat with wood only, and I cut between 25 – 40 face cord a year. After researching the Husky 562XP and the Stihl MS290, I am confident that either saw will meet my needs. We’ve got a Poulan Pro chainsaw that works great and we’ve only used it for the occasional de-limbing job, so when I got my hands on the biggest and baddes. The Husqvarna 562XP is a new model that includes a lot of features that will improve performance and efficiency that are new to the chainsaw industry. How To Stain Your Wood Projects. The NEW 562XP is a true professional saw built for improved handling and extra torque. I put big dawgs and a full wrap on one, it is a cutting sumbitch. I use them in small wood up to around 20. Mostly a limbing and firewood saws. I don’t use it like I used to but did a lot when I used to burn wood to heat the house. Have done very little maintenance to it over the years. I have bought a husky 562 xp this winter. Wow, that is a nice saw. I just need a chainsaw for firewood collection, and a bit of light yard work (removal of branches etc). 562 XP. Stihl MS 251 Wood Boss. I have a Husky 365 Special.

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Husqvarna 562 XP AutoTune: 8 customer reviews on Australia’s largest opinion site ProductReview. Bought and updated the autotune and then broke the saw in with the biggest wood I could find after the auto tune did its adjustments this saw was dancing around my brothers 361 stihl. I have a Husky 562 xP, purchased in December, has run 15 tanks of gas through, recently..last couple days, the oiler has stopped putting out enough oil to work correctly. As long as the whole bar was cutting wood. Ith username, password and session length. Husqvarna 562 xp owners manual. Husqvarna 555 best firewood saw? ashokan turf timber, catskills. Husqvarna 555 operator 39 s manual page 26 of 44.