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Wondering how many people fit at a banquet table? Classic banquet style table placement consist of long rows of rectangle banquet tables with seats on both sides. How many guests will fit around a rectangular banquet table? If you need to seat more than 10 guests at a round folding table, consider using serpentine or seminar tables. Eight people can also be seated around a 48-inch round table or at a 6-foot rectangular table if chairs are placed at the ends of the table. These spacings allow about 6 to 8 inches between chairs.

8ft long table seats how many 260′ Round Cake Table – How many cake tables? Wondering how long we will need to set up your tent? Seating for 36, with bars, dance floor and stage View Layout (in a new window). Seventy-two-inch round: This can comfortably seat ten guests. I have occassionally seated twelve people at a 72 inch round,. Eight-foot long: I use these the same way as the six-foot long tables. Tablecloth sizes for round, square, oblong, and rectangular tables by LinenTablecloth. All other tablecloths would give you too much variation on the drop length.

6-foot rectangular table: 6-8 people 8-foot rectangular table: 8-10 people 2-foot round table: 2 people 2-foot square table: 2 people 3-foot round table: 2 for dinner and up to 6 bistro style 4-foot round table: 6-8 people 5-foot round table: 8-10 people 5. Table is made of heavy duty white plastic and is 96 inches wide and 29 inches tall. What a great table. its a true 8 ft and can be folded for storage when not in use. has a very smooth surface super easy to clean. This is a very nice long table. it can fold up real easily. stores very nicely. can hold 10 to 12 chairs per table. Read on and you’ll learn how many people each table can seat!

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For the buffet the 6 ft and 8 ft long tables work the best intermingled with serpentines, half rounds and quarter rounds. The general rule is that people need about 24 inches of width for dining table seating, but banquet room chairs will often work at 21 inches or even less (I’ve seen them at hotels measuring 17 1/2 wide and if you use chairs like this then 12 sardines can sit at a 6 foot round table). How big? Here’s how to find a dining table that works for your space. Table measures 18 inches wide by 96 inches (8 ft) long. Seats 4 people. Public Facilities Many public facilities rent their space for events. Each table you seat people at is going to take about a ten foot by ten foot square, or 100 square feet of space. 60 in. dining table – seats 6-8 7 2in. The wooden trestle table features metal folding legs and a rectangular top. Yahire have 2’6ft, 4ft, 6ft and 8ft trestle tables, available to rent for events of all kinds. Our trestle tables are available in plywood or plastic, if space is limited and you need to seat as many people as possible, rectangle or square tables are the best option.

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