8ft Pool Table Room Dimensions Sample Plans PDF

A one-table billiard room requires enough space around the table to accommodate the range of a stroke of the cue from all angles, while also accounting for chairs, the storage rack and any other furniture that is or will be present. Examples of optimum minimum free space dimensions for common table sizes, using this logic:. Even though we don’t do much in the way of selling pool tables (we’re mostly an everything but the table company), we do get asked what the proper spacing should be when installing a pool table. What we’re providing here is the minimum space requirements for setting up a 7 foot, 8 foot and 9 foot table in your game room. Table Size, Playing Area, 48 Cue, 52 Cue, 57 Cue, 60 Cue.

8ft pool table room dimensions 2A pool table can be a great addition to a family room or game room; however, it can be difficult for homeowners, as well as any other individuals looking to purchase pool tables such as apartment managers. Dimensions in pool tables require much aforethought at times. The hidden calculation for room owners is the pool table itself plus the free and clear space chosen to surround the table itself. Pool Table Size vs Your Room Size Most people who are toying with idea of purchasing a pool table are unaware of the space requirements needed to comfortably play the game of billiards. If you opt for the 8ft pool table then using a 52 inch pool cue for an occasional shot would be the least of my worries.

Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to get a pool table! Now, you just need to know how big of a table you can get to fit in the room where you want it. This guide will give you an idea of how much space you need for your pool table to play comfortably. As a rule, a standard pool cue length is 57 inches. I have a question regarding my new home pool room. Add to that a 58 cue with a 4 back stroke and the needed space is 174 x 224 or 14′-6 x 18′-8 But, I would rather have a 9ft table and occasionally use a short cue than have an 8ft table and always use a long cue.

How To Choose The Right Size Pool Table

ethan allen console table black 3There is no point in buying an 8ft table to find that the room it is intended for is too small. Remember that playing pool itself takes up a lot of space and so there needs to be adequate space around the table for shots to be taken.

Pool Table Room Size