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Wondering how many people fit at a banquet table? Round Seat 9-10 People; 72 Round Seat 10 People; Need more than 10 at a round table? If aligning 8 foot banquet tables end to end, you may add 1 chair for each joint on each side. 60′ Round Cake Table – How many cake tables? x, 50, sq. ft. Seating for 36, with bars, dance floor and stage View Layout (in a new window). The 60 inch, or 150 centimeter, round banquet table, seating 8 or 10 people, is possibly the worst invention in the history of the hospitality industry.

8ft round table seats how many 2How many guests can we seat at a table? How many glasses or plates should we order for an event? Start by locating your table size in the left column. Then follow the chart to the right to determine sizes for mid-length, floor-length and overlay linen options. All other tablecloths would give you too much variation on the drop length.

Seats at a Table. How many chairs fit around a table? Often wedding & banquet coordinators need a round table that can seat more than 10 people. Hey Susan, How many guests can I fit at a six foot long table? If you use a sofa (or bench) for seating at a long table, choose one with a high enough seat. Round, 36-inch diameter, Four for drinks, two for dining.

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Seating capacity does not allow for aisles, dance floors, service area, etc. How big? Here’s how to find a dining table that works for your space. There are so many shapes and sizes of dining tables. Seating size for a round table.

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