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Add layers of light to your kitchen, or other room, by installing above cabinet lighting and over counter lights using either an arm light fixture or several indirect lighting fixtures. Complete your kitchen with LED lights installed above the cabinets. Instant style, increased functionality, and a chic ambiance will have you loving the new installation!. How to light with cabinet lighting. These small, compact lights produce adequate light for small tasks, but are also dimmable to double as a functional night light for the kitchen.

above kitchen cabinet lighting 2Best of all, if your kitchen already has an outlet installed above the cabinets, all you have to do is plug the rope light in and spread it out. If no outlet exists up there, then you will have to install one. Above cabinet lighting fact: Did you know? Indirect lighting is much more preferred among office workers and home owners than direct lighting? How to install above cabinet lighting. I’m a big fan of indirect lighting in the kitchen. I especially love lighting over the cabinets great for showcasing items displayed up there.

Find kitchen lights and cabinet lighting solutions at affordable prices to brighten up your cooking. Perched above cabinets, as well as hidden inside and under them, our integrated kitchen lighting adds atmosphere, functionality and style to your kitchen. Under Cabinet Lighting with Custom Fixtures, Redondo Beach, CA. Undercabinet Kitchen Lighting – Walnut Creek, CA. Paint the ceiling, or extend the paint color above the cabinet to the ceiling. Sky blue is an ideal choice for this strategy.

How To Install Rope Lights Above Cabinets

Note the dramatic effect that proper cabinet lighting can provide. This kitchen has undercabinet and above cabinet lighting, as well as lighting beneath the island countertop. With the revamping of my kitchen cabinets, I knew that I wanted things to be lighter. And I do mean that not only with the paint color, but actual LIGHT. My kitchen used to have soffits above the cabinets (drywalled boxes that extended from the cabinets to the ceilings). That’s where 5050 LED strip lights came to the rescue. Under Cabinet LED Strip Lights provide a sleek and slim lighting soludtion for lightin up your kitchen, office, bar, or any other application requiring a low profile, long lasting, high quality led tape light. Use LED Ribbon to light under your cabinets, above cabinet lighting, and even for toe kick lighting. Lights make them perfect for lighting your kitchen cabinets because they are so versatile in the space that they fit in. And a well-lit kitchen begins with undercabinet task lighting. These hidden fixtures, which are fairly easy to retrofit beneath upper wall cabinets, bathe the countertop in bright white light a boon for everything from dicing veggies to reading recipes. Under cabinet lights are stylish necessities for your kitchen. Install multiple pendant lights above a kitchen island, or a raised bar with stool seating where your guests can sit and relax.

Kitchen Cabinet Lights

Above, a xenon under-cabinet light by WAC Lighting. Xenon was once popular, but it became more apparent how warm the fixture and bulbs were.