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Accuride’s Heavy-duty Pocket Door Cable System is for large, heavy doors, and is great for media centers. Learn more about Flipper Doors. Series 1332 Cable System Flipper Door Slide with Hinges – T13329012. View prices. Door slide featuring a cable to eliminate door sag. Brand, Accuride. Shop and Save on Accuride 1432 Anti-Rack Cable System Flipper Door Slide. Discover Great Prices, Special Offers, & Best Customer Service.

accuride flipper door 1332 2Hinge kit for the Accuride model CB1332 pocket door slides. Use with hinge carrier strip – part n. Accuride 1332 Pocket Door Accessory. Applications: Hinge carrier strip for 1432 and 1332 pocket doors. Technical Specifications. Flipper Door Pivot and Anti Scrap Block. Pocket Door Systems Pocket Door System, Accuride, 1332 with 35 mm Hinge Kit – order from the Hfele America Shop.

This Pocket Door System Accuride CB1332 by Hafele comes with 35 mm hinges and is for use with concealed doors, entertainment centers or in audio-visual conference centers. Accuride International – Designer and Manufacturer of precision ball bearing movement solutions. Contenuti del catalogo delle parti su 3577D Over top flipper door slide with soft-down cylinder Drawer slide specifications: Load rating: 33 LBS ( 15kgs ) Size: 300 MM – 700 MM.

1332 Pocket Door Slides

Accuride International Flipper Doors Slides– 25 -75 lbs. 1332 Cable System – Heavy-Duty Pocket Door Cable System with Hinge. Flipper Door Slides — 1332 Cable System — View Larger Image. Flipper Door Slides: 1321 Pro Pocket. Close. 4. Flipper Door Slides: 1321 Pro Pocket, Tables. Close. 5. Flipper Door Slides: 1332 Cable System. Close. 6. 1332 door cable system from Accuride Accuride offers the 1332 flipper door cable system, which accommodates door heights between 36 and 78 in. The cable system is stocked in even lengths from 12 to 28 in. Accuride has some flipper doors that are good for 75lbs, but they say the maximum door width is 26. So since I’m considering using the Accuride 1332 (I think is the model number) with the anti-racking cables, think I’d be alright? How wide was each panel that you made in that picture jiju1943? Cabinetman, are you suggesting that I could use a pocket door frame with euro hinges? Would that perform better than Accurides anti-racking system? Thanks. Accuride 1332/1432 Anti-Rak Cable System Flipper door SlideS 75 lb. 34 kg load rating These slides are designed for taller, heavier doors used on.

Accuride Flipper Door System, Cb1332, Flush Inset Application

Accuride 1332 pocket door cable syste, pocket door cable systemspecifications:maximum weight capacity: 34 kg (75 lbs. New Accuride Cb123-18d Drawer Pocket Door 18 Flipper Door Set. The Accuride 1332 anti-rak slide will give you far more adjustment in the door tracking to accomodate twists in the cabinet, doors, or room. For example, if your have doors that tend to sag due to weight, width, etc.