Acorn Welding Table Clamps Sample Plans PDF

Choose from Acorn Bushing or Table Mount Models. Clamp comes with standard or heavy duty Swivel Pads. Unique optional Sidekick Attachment provides push-action horizontal clamping force. I am tempted to buy a local 5’x6′ acorn welding table, but the price seems high. The usa made table the clamps do not slide out of the holes because there is not as much slop, binding the bushing thru torque is what holds them in place. Find great deals on eBay for Welding Table in Industrial Welding Equipment. Shop with confidence. Welding Clamps.

acorn welding table clamps 2My son scored an Acorn table like this one: He asked me for welding clamps like this one: Is there a common name so i can search eBay? New and used welding tables and weld platens by Acorn Iron and Weldsale. Acorn Bushing Mount Modular Platen Clamp — Heavy Duty SHT-UM–NA – Strong Hand Tools Heavy Duty Acorn Bushin Mount Clamp (Choose Clamp Size From Dropdown Menu Above) Part SHT-UM12NA SHT-UM16NA SHT-UM20NA Clamping Capacity 12 (305mm) 16 (406mm) 20 (508mm) Throat Depth 5-1/2 (139.

The first clamps are for a Acorn type table with a bunch of holes. If you need a Really Heavy Duty Welding Table, a Weldsale welding table will do the job. The squares cast into the platens accept various tooling, hold down clamps, etc. BuildPro jig table clamps and accessories work with all Strong Hand BuildPro tables and are great for easy and repeatable fixturing for fabrication and welding.

Acorn Table Clamps

acorn welding table clamps 3I figured the angled force would hold a clamp in my acorn table and it just rose straight up. Gonna post picture of those angle plates being used as welding fixtures? My goal was to make a welding table that I could attach clamps and jigs and fixture parts and assemblies on. I originally wanted to be able to fixture bicycle frames on it, but now I think a specific table and jig should be used for that. Advanced welding platen allow angles to be bolted off the side of Bluco’s 3-dimensional tables. Around here they are known as Acorn tables and they are cast in Philadelphia. For flat plate welding tables there are powerful magnetic hold down clamps that can be had and this is a substitute for the hold down stakes. Acorn Welding Table Clamps, welding table hold down clamps. Bid Live on Lot 452 in the Danco Metal Products, Inc. Auction from Thompson Auctioneers.

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Having a matrix of holes for clamps and fixturing is appealing. An Acorn platen table would be great, but I don’t have the room and it’s overkill for my fairly modest needs.