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IKEA BILLY bookcase hack: add crown molding to give the appearance of a built-in. Now we will have something solid to nail the crown molding on. To learn how to add crown molding around your home, read these 24 blog entries. DIY IKEA Billy Bookshelves Adding Crown Molding to a Bookcase.

adding crown molding to billy bookcase 2I’m a fan of the IKEA Billy bookcase having used him to make built-ins in 2011, created some shelving in this awesome playroom, sidled him up next to a Besta in my office, and for the fourth time we’ve again partnered together. We mimicked some things we’d done in the past, adding crown like with this set of Billys and baseboard like with these Billys and thicker trim like with these custom built-ins in our family room to make the shelves appear thicker and more substantial. The crown molding wasn’t too hard to find a replica. As for the baseboard, in order to replicate it we ended up layering a few different types of trim. Full explanation and tutorial on how to turn an ordinary Billy bookcase into a custom made built-in. Remind me on Twitter to come back and add you so I can keep up with your posts.

So, here you go, this is our own version of a Billy bookcase conversion to a built-in shelving system. Adding crown molding to the bookshelves In progress picture of attaching trim After installing both the crown and baseboard molding, we placed pieces of flat wood trim where the bookcases meet. We mentioned a few times that we wanted to get a bookcase for the office/guest room/playroom since they’re so great for storing things, displaying things, and adding some architecture and height. Then the crown molding came down carefully so we could replace it on the front of the bookcases. We knew we were going to secure the bookcases directly to the wall anyway and 2. Now Chad had to add the doors we bought at IKEA.

Billy In The Bedroom

adding crown molding to billy bookcase 3Simple and inexpensive techniques for adding trim, molding and faux paneling to cabinetry that lacks detail and interest. After you add the cleats to the wall and cabinet, nail into place. We attached crown molding to the top of the shelves along the ceiling. I just had to add the shelves, and, of course, there were no holes to place the shelves where I wanted them most of the time so I had to drill new holes. I’ve seen it done with billy bookcases but not hemnes. I’ve been wanting to add some built-ins to my home office space. Ikea hack: adding beveled crown moulding to Billy bookcases brittanyMakes by marian on Luckily a couple IKEA Billy bookcases, some trim and crown and they look great while holding a lot of toys. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials online detailing how to add trim to give an IKEA billy bookcase a built in look. I decided to give it a try although I have never worked with baseboards, crown molding, or any kind of trim before.

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Remember how I bought 4 billy bookcase from Ikea? To accomplish this I knew I wanted to add crown molding to the top and baseboard to the bottom.