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I did find an adjustable mechanism for you but you aren’t going to like the price. All I can say by looking at the link that Bob gave, is that it looks alot beefier then the lift in my wife’s piano bench. Find great deals on eBay for Adjustable Piano Bench in Parts and Accessories for Pianos and Pipe Organs. It is made of metal with heavy duty mechanism (silent micro adjustment). This adjustable piano bench features a heavy duty, micro-adjustable raising mechanism, which is supported with brass hardware.

adjustable piano bench mechanism 2Looking for a replacement mechanism for a Jansen artist bench? Select standard or duet size. Note that this is for the raising mechanism only, and does not include the bench knobs. This deluxe artist bench is a heavy-duty black adjustable piano bench which weighs 50 pounds and features a superior accordian raising mechanism,. My wife is a professional/concert pianist and she has yet to find a bench she like with an adjustable lift.

Sleek and stylish piano stool with a height adjustable mechanism for playing comfort. PIANO OWNER’S SURVIVAL GUIDE- Piano Parts Catalogue / Catalog. Repair, restore, and tune your piano. Economy Size, Petite Artist Adjustable Hydraulic Mechanism Piano Bench. Black Painted Metal Stool Sturdy Design and Durable Adjustable Height by Gas.

Replacement Artist Bench Raising Mechanism For Jansen Bench

Brass hardware, superior construction and effortless adjustable bench mechanisms. Adjustable Piano Benches, Artist Benches & Swivel Stools. Adjustable Piano Benches, Swivel Stools, Artist Concert Benches. Swivel Stool Mechanism. Jansen Benches are known throughout the world as the finest piano benches money can buy. The end result of our attention to detail is a quality adjustable piano bench offering many years of trouble free operation. Our first review is of the Empire Deluxe Grand Piano Adjustable Piano Bench. The artist piano bench is made of solid hard wood with heavy duty mechanism (silent micro adjustment). 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are enlarged details of portions of the mechanism employed in supporting and moving the seat; and, Fig.

Adjustable Piano Benches

Benchworld – 1800-326-0577 CONCERTO PRO 1G SE: 25 Long, Adjustable Concert Piano Bench with Skirt Covering Mechanism and Storage, 10 Tufted Button Premium Extra Padded Synthetic Leather Top, Satin Ebony, G Legs (Spade) CONCERTOPRO1GSE – 25 Long Single Concert Adjustable Bench With Solid Skirt and Storage, 15 Wide, 18. One of its better products was a height-adjustable piano stool; today it is much sought after by antique collectors. We have remodelled that mechanism to make our piano stool mechanism.