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Easily upgrade cabinets with these adjustable, disguised hinges. European-style hardware (which is pictured throughout this article) is the most common and easiest to adjust. If your cabinet hinges look similar, these steps should work for you. European-style cabinets have hinges on the inside of the cabinet that have a six-way adjustable hinge, Cornwell adds. Use your screwdriver to adjust the hinge so it moves toward the gap to even up the space.

adjusting cupboard hinges 2Over time, cupboard doors are likely to droop, swing and shut improperly. Adjusting the cupboard hinges realigns the cupboard doors. Minor cupboard hinge adjustments are easy to perform and often negate the need for purchasing new cupboards. Cabinet adjustments are a part of the process, and Aristokraft offers tips for adjusting cabinet hinges without having to call your dealer or installer. Adjusting cabinet hinges may be the solution you need to fix common issues like door misalignment. Schrock shows you how to make this simple adjustment.

Before you start adjusting any doors or hinges make sure you fit all your doors then decide which ones need adjusting.

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