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I’m looking for a good all round comfortable and top quality chair for my DAW based studio, in which I also play a lot of guitar. My searching has brought me to the 3 chairs mentioned in the thread title. I would like to invest in a quality task chair (for example the Aeron, but probably not). For working at the computer, I like to have adjustable arms, but I would also like to be able to play guitar using the chair and for that purpose the arms get in the way. The seat angle on the Aeron chair is adjusted in the following way:While seated in the chair, make sure both levers on the left-hand side are all the way down. Because you are looking to use the chair to play guitar, we would recommend purchasing an armless version of the Aeron chair.

guitarist chair 2If you have an older Aeron Chair with the thumb wheel adjustment on the back of the chair arms, the arms are removable. Because you are looking to use the chair to play guitar, we would recommend purchasing an armless version of the Aeron chair. The Aeron chair is a product of Herman Miller, designed in 1994 by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf. I’ve had a bad back and have been in search of a great ergonomic chair for both guitar playing and studio use. Our Herman Miller NY Showroom has the Aeron chairs in the following back support configurations:A-Size/Small – PostureFitB-Size/Medium – Lumbar and PostureFitC-Size/Large – PostureFitTo schedule an appointment, please contact the NY Showroom:New York City Showroom17th Floor1177 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, NY 10036212 753 3022Please let the Herman Miller Store know if you have any questions at 888-798-0202 or hmstore hermanmiller. Because you are looking to use the chair to play guitar, we would recommend purchasing an armless version of the Aeron chair.

See reviews and prices for the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, as used by Avicii, Skrillex, Tim Ferriss and 16 others. I have a couple of these chairs and have recently started playing guitar. The arm rests get in the way when I try to play. I figure if I wrench hard enough they will come off (after loosening them all the way) but if anyone has found a good trick to removing them easily and with no/minimal chair damage please share. Has anyone tried the Seiko Adjustable Musicians chair? Most employees opted for the expensive Aeron chairs in the 500 to 1500 range.

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We have a mixture of those steelcase and aeron chairs in your link. Delson, who produced the record with his band mate and co-guitarist Mike Shinoda, sank into in a black Aeron chair behind the board. It’s that reason alone that the Aeron chair will always be the best chair ever invented, because it doesn’t have a cushion. In my old Aeron chair I could slump back and sit motionless for hours. On the Capisco, however, the only thing supporting me is my feet and butt. I am a guitar player and will spend 8-10 hours a day practicing. What type of chair is most suitable for a home recording studio for sitting in front of a keyboard synthesizer that is on a workstation desk?  a fixed chair (stationary) or one with casters?  would a chair with fixed arms be adequate or would one with adjustable arms be better?   whic. Ron, I’m glad you mentioned a guitar! At my non-DAW workstation I have a Herman Miller Aeron chair. A few years ago I bought a used Herman Miller Aeron office chair. It was sort of expensive, equivalent of a decent guitar, but I sit in it enough so that it was worth it to me.

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A few of the products they’ve helped build include Guitar Hero, Jambox, and Rock Band. The second site is to a guy building his first ergonomic guitar. My problem with the Aeron largely came down to sizing. Currently have the arms removed so it’s easier to play guitar at my desk. Herman miller aeron chairs don’t impress me, it’s painful to cross my legs on one.

If you want a great office chair look at something like the Aeron, the arms don’t do that lift thing but they can go down pretty far, adjustments are absurd on the Aeron which is why it is so good for ergonomics, you’ll notice many cheaper chairs try and copy it. I like just a basic office chair for playing guitar at home and sitting at my home computer.