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First class travelers get to enjoy plush Givenchy bedding, a complimentary pair of bedroom slippers (even though you’d probably want to just lay in bed for the whole trip), and a 23-inch LCD TV (a feature on every first class cabin on this list). Billed as the boutique hotel of the skies, Seymourpowell’s First Spaces concept has six private rooms that each come with a retractable door, armchair or couch that folds into a bed, 42in TV screen that would be the largest on a plane, and smart in-flight service system’ designed to anticipate passengers’ needs. ARRIVE WELL-RESTED. Curl up or stretch out beneath plush Westin Heavenly In-Flight Bedding on 180-degree flat-bed seats. Hundreds of complimentary movies, TV shows, songs and games are just a touch-screen away. You can even access them on your personal electronic device via in-flight streaming on cross-country flights.

airplane with beds and tv 2Your guide to KLM seat maps and fleet information, use this before you book or take a flight. Flat Bed, On-Demand TV, All Seats, AC Power, No. Boeing 747-400 (744) New Business, 63, 20.0, Flat Bed, Seatback TV, All Seats, AC Power, No. He’s actually got a great amount of crazy stuff going through right now, including a bed from a New York designer that has antique books that came from London. It is actually books and a television put together. But you’ll just have to look at the website where hundreds of amazing examples are displayed. Make yourself comfy in your Upper Class Suite, or just go straight to sleep on one of the longest, fully flat beds in business class.

Luxury wars: Etihad rolls out bed-and-bath airline suites. Etihad Airways rolls out luxurious bed and bath suites. Singapore Airlines Suites. Its spaciousness allows for a standalone bed, completely separate from your seat. Lie-Flat Seats: Extra Comfort on a Long Flight Sometimes it’s worth it to forego the cheap ticket and treat yourself to some extra comfort -.

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Singapore Airlines will now be offering luxury enclosed rooms on its A380 aircraft.Each private cabin includes a comfortable Italian-stitched leather armchair, a personal 23-inch television, and built-in cupboards to store your luggage and personal items. In the 1980 movie Airplane, there are two memorable scenes in which two guys (and in the later scene, an older woman) speak Jive to each other. Subtitle: EARLY TO BED, EARLY TO RISE, MAKES A MAN HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND WISE. The A380 will have 70 of these seats, while Boeing 787 flights will offer 28. The Residence was designed for long-haul flights. Once reserved for private jets, the VIP suite has its own double bed, lounge and shower. Each apartment will have its own 64-inch sliding door, minibar, personal vanity unit, wardrobe and swiveling TV monitor for viewing from either the seat or the bed. (1980) is a comedic remake of an old disaster film, Zero Hour (itself based on the TV movie Flight Into Danger). Subplots from Airport ’79: The Concorde also appear. The plot: Ted Striker (Stryker in Zero Hour), an ex-military pilot, has to get over his personal traumas to pilot a commercial plane after the crew is stricken by food poisoning, and reconcile with his estranged girlfriend at the same time. From in-flight chefs that cater your meal to chairs that fold out into beds, here are 10 things airlines are doing to make flying as comfortable as possible. Experience a private apartment with an en-suite bathroom, double bed and even your own personal butler on board Etihad’s A380. Experience what it is like to be in The Residence by watching the video, and to see how it compares to other airlines’ offerings, visit our guide to life in fabulous first class. Telegraph TV.

Luxury Wars: Etihad Rolls Out Bed-and-bath Airline Suites

Whether you’re flying to your next meeting or enjoying your latest adventure, our flat-bed Business Class seats help you arrive inspired. OWL CITY SKY SAILING! 01. Captains Of The Sky 02. Brielle 03. Steady As She Goes 04. Explorers 05. A Little Opera Goes A Long Way 06. Tennis Elbow 07. Blue And Red 08. Alaska 09. I Live Alone 10. Gadgets in the room include a 23-inch television with access to more than 740 music CDs, 120 movies, and 170 television shows through a service Singapore Airlines calls KrisWorld. KrisWorld also offers connectivity with an iPod or iPhone, thumb drives with music and photo files and audio and video input from portable players or cameras. You can teach old dogs new tricks: New series teaches dogs to fly planes. DOGS are marvellous creatures. Most read in TV & Radio.

And p.s. customers can now enjoy flat-bed comfort for their entire journey when connecting to and from flights across United’s extensive trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific networks. Complimentary seatback on-demand entertainment offering hundreds of movies, television shows, music and games on a 15.