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Alcove beds are a fabulous concept for saving space in your home design. They are inviting and fun and creates a very intimate space to curl up and enjoy! Obsessed with built-in and alcove beds. I like to feel claustrophobic when I sleep. See more about Alcove Bed, Nooks and Alcove. With a bed, it becomes easy to add a spare bedroom into your small house. Check here from 35 different designs for small space alcove beds.

alcove beds  2Scanning our analytics and seeing what you like to read about, I noticed that alcove beds are a secret delight (and highly ranked). They’re an unusual addiction as well, since you can’t buy one — you have to build it. I’ve chosen ten great examples of alcove beds ranging from a little niche for the headboard, to a full-fledged bed pod and everything in between. Is there anything cozier than an alcove bed? Not to mention more innovative? It’s often when confronted with small spaces that we challenge ourselves to cr.

Jefferson introduced the alcove style bed into his redesign of Monticello that he began in the 1790s. He admitted his partiality for this spatial arrangement in a letter to James Madison: Indeed I varied my plan by shewing what it would be with alcove bedrooms, to which I am much attached. Alcove beds are naturally fun for kids. Although they could be very practical in contemporary living spaces so they are good for adults too. There are lots of different types of beds, some of them very popular and some interesting but rarer.Alcove beds, for example, are a very beautiful and also quite popular type.

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alcove beds  3Heather sent us the following request: I have a fantasy in which I own a cottage and of course it has one (or more) alcove beds–you know, those beds that are built right into the wall, sometimes with drawers or a trundle underneath, sometimes with a window in the nook itself? Can you put together a collection of those? I would love to see it, if only to fuel the fantasy. If you’re claustrophobic the appeal of an alcove bed may be a bit lost on you, I admit. But if not, I can hardly think of a more inviting, fun and cozy place to snooze. In presenting this subject I labor under the disadvantage of advocating a theory rather than a well demonstrated fact. Caring for the epileptic in such beds as I am about to describe has, so far as I am able to learn, never been tried. Thomas Jefferson liked alcove beds, but his bedroom in Monticello didn’t have a suitable wall, so he converted a doorway. If i remember correctly from when I visited this house, that little thing on the wall at the foot of the bed reflects the sun’s light. A bed intended to be placed lengthwise within a curtained bed alcove and retaining its original wood and iron casters, used to remove the bed from the alcove for housekeeping.

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