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Alcove shelves are probably the quickest and easiest shelf to make. The easiest way to build this type of shelf is to fix three battens, one on each wall for the shelf to sit on. The pictures below are of some oak veneered MDF shelves I built for a customer in an alcove. If you are looking for ready-made shelves but cannot find the right size to fit the alcove, consider buying shorter floating shelves and stagger them for attractive living room storage that won’t look cluttered. An alcove is the perfect spot for some serious shelving, giving a seamless look to a room. Make it even more stylish with a pop of statement paint. JJ Locations.

alcove shelving 2Fitting alcove shelves is an easy and smart way to create more space in your home – follow our foolproof guide for best results. Summary: Making timber shelves including Shelving an alcove, floating shelves, shelves without brackets and fixing shelves. In this project we will show you how to build a set of fitted shelves in an alcove without using any brackets to give the effect that they are floating shelves. The living room alcove by the chimney breast had long been the home to an old Billy bookcase. I liked the flexibility of being able to adjust the Billy’s shelves and wanted the new unit to have the same feature.

Balance Alcove shelving storage unit room divider display shelf, Counter Balance, stylish, contrasting, timeless, original, oak, white, black, walnut, fully assembled, wall, Conran, best-selling,. Buy Content by Terence Conran Balance Alcove Shelving from our Bookcases & Shelving Units range at John Lewis. Free Delivery on orders over 50. I want to put shelves into quite shallow alcoves beside a fireplace – they’re 83cm wide and I want to put books on them. Will floating shelves be strong enough or should I use brackets, and if so, which kind? I haven’t done it before so any advice would be really useful.

How To Put Up Shelves In Alcoves

The alcove cabinets are the most popular solution for living space. The alcove cabinets can have spacious shelves for displaying ornaments, sculptures and handy storage cabinets with drawers.

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