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An alligator was recently caught on video climbing the front door of a South Carolina family’s home as if it were attempting to ring the doorbell. But a genuine gentleman alligator whose momma raised him to ring the doorbell when he comes a-callin on a human neighbor–well, that’s just downright precious. A curious alligator showed up on the front porch of a home in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, on May 2, and appeared to try to ring the doorbell to get inside.

alligator ringing doorbell 2One new resident of a South Carolina community was making the rounds and ringing doorbells to meet his new neighbors – the only problem was, he was an alligator. It’s alligator season in South Carolina. A roaming gator looked like it was trying to ring the doorbell of a South Carolina home on Monday, May 2. The bees are out, the sun is shining, the alligators are going door-to-door. In South Carolina, at least, they are. In parts of the state, as the weather warms, the modern-day dinosaurs are increasingly sighted in odd places as the warmer climates embolden their explorations.

If you think alligators are pretty scary just hanging out by a pond or river, then we have some bad news. They’re now trying to get into your house by ringing the doorbell!. The unusual caller was captured on camera by a stunned dog walker who made sure he stayed well back in case of attack. Neighbors of a South Carolina home captured video of an alligator climbing on the front door as if it was attempting to ring the doorbell.

Alligator Caught On Video Crawling To South Carolina Home And Attempts To Ring Doorbell

alligator ringing doorbell 3Watch a Very Polite Alligator Crawl Up to a House and Ring the Door Bell. Helen Donahue. By Helen Donahue. Social Engagement Editor. An alligator was caught on camera ringing the doorbell of a South Carolina home. This is a video from South Carolina of an alligator trying to ring a house’s doorbell, then eat whoever answers the door and rob the place blind. An alligator wandered through a subdivision in Moncks Corner near Charleston. Roaming gator tries to ring doorbell of South Carolina home. Alligators, it seems, have learned how to ring doorbells. In a video taken in Lowcountry, South Carolina, an alligator saunters onto the porch of a house, climbs up onto its. What would you do if an alligator just showed up at your door and just tried to invite himself in to eat all of your Cheetos (and children)? You’d be very upset, right? Because that’s rude.

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