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I got roped into installing a storm door for a customer. I feel that I should fir this out because it looks like the lockset will hit the entry door before it will latch. Check if it clears, and if not, position the storm latch so it falls in between the dead bolt and door knob. After installation, I realized that the door handle of the storm door was hitting the dead bolt on the house door. I have looked for a slimmer dead bolt with no luck. My wife and I want to install a storm door at our front door. Re: Storm Door Install Scott is right,you need mullion strip extension Is this a door with two sidelites or one,if two you need to pad out both sides Check the manufacturer of the door,go to loco supplier who is selling them check if they offer them if not,you need to make your own extensions I take two pieces of 5/4 pine,glue them together nicely or have lumber yard to machine you hunk of 6/4 Your extensions must be flush with bottom of brick molding or fypon,thats where your storm door frame will rest on Best for you if you unsure to follow theese directions,pay someone to hung the door do not install the door without extensions,door handles of storm or your door will not work.

storm door latch 2I have an older Wright mortise latch handle kit with strike plate and deadbolt. As I’m doing this, the screen door hits me from the right side and either knocks the keys out of my hand or knocks what I’m carrying. Andersen support told me to buy a replacement lock for 188 and it’s a little pricey. Get expert advice to your Larson storm door and window questions. Then turn the key or deadbolt to lock the door. To unlock the door, turn the key or deadbolt and push the handle down. You will have to shorten the sweep for it to fit inside the storm door frame as well as notch it for the closer.

Andersen Storm Doors & Hardware Parts and hardware for windows, doors, closet doors, shower doors and more. Andersen / Emco Knob and Deadbolt Set – 1-1/2 Inch Door. Shop our selection of Screen & Storm Door Hardware in the Tools & Hardware Department at The Home Depot. Traditional style handle set compatible with Andersen 3000 and 4000 Series storm doors featuring the 45 Minute Easy Install system. Perfect for a new storm door installation as well as a replacement handle set on your existing Andersen storm door with the 45 Minute Easy Install System.

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storm door latch 3This Emco 400 Traditional Self-Storing Storm Door, for which I waited forty days, is in fact A COMPLETE PIECE OF GARBAGE. Deadbolt with keyed lock is built into the door frame. I ordered replacement handles for my Forever door. Somehow hit on your site Randy, kinda funny. I provide professionally installed Andersen storm doors with no appointment required. Category: Replacement Storm Door Handles and Locks. Thumb Latch Deadbolt Handle Set, 1-3/4. Andersen 3000 Series 36-Inch Full-View Storm Door in Terratone with Nickel Hardware Model HD3FN36TE. Each of the dual closing pistons have a toe-activated button simply open the door to the desired position and hit the button once. I bought a storm door to for the front of my house, and realized too late that there’s no inset in the front door frame to install one. With the thick door frame the bottom of the screen door may not hit something so you will have to look at that. Install the storm door with the handle on the same side as the exterior door handle. They won’t hit together as the exterior door height is different than the storm door handle. New storm doors are easier to install, with plenty of standard sizes to fit almost any entryway—but there are still tricky spots. You typically mount storm doors to the exterior door trim using Z-bars. Close the door against the casing with the dead bolt extended and chisel out the wood where the deadbolt hits. You may need to chisel out the latch or deadbolt pocket as we show (Photo 11).

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Whether you are choosing to buy a custom storm door or trying to install storm doors here is the. I recently got an Andersen 3000 storm door and after installing it found that the inside brass handle interferes with the deadbolt. In my Andersen door, both handles protrude about 2 inches. Storm door handle hits entry door deadbolt – Community Forums provides information on andersen storm doors and more. Captivating Larson Storm Door Handle Installation Instructions. Andersen Storm Door Handle Parts Door Handle Andersen Storm Door Handle Hits Deadbolt. The set includes built in keyed deadbolt lock mechanism for optimal security. I just installed an andersen storm door and the door handle hits the door handle of the main door.

I have the Schlage deadbolt and we just installed an Andersen 4000 storm door and it won’t shut because the storm door handle hits the Schlage deadbolt knob.