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Sliding Door Hardware & Parts for Glass Patio Doors. Andersen Door Parts: Sliding Doors Parts and hardware for windows, doors, closet doors, shower doors and more. Cylinder Lock – Sliding Patio Door, 5 Pin Tumbler – Keyed Alike 14. Sliding Door Hardware & Parts for Glass Patio Doors. ANDERSEN Patio Door Handleset Hardware Set W/ Lock 36839 Brass Style 30.

anderson sliding glass door locks 2How to Fix a Sliding Glass Door Lock Andersen Patio Door Key Types. Decorative door locks, replicas of many classic American designs. Anderson sliding door locks 1. Not sure how well known Anderson patio doors are across the country but I’d like to make everyone know how B AWFUL /B they are. The door will lock tightly with the latch ONLY from the inside. Agreed, except that perimeter sealant job around the glass – I’ve had several in which I cut out and replaced the sloppy fingerwork in the corners. It comes with double-pane insulated, tempered glass with your specified size of pet door already installed. For added security, it locks directly to the leading edge of the sliding door with a patio door style lock. Instead, choose our Omni Panel pet door, which is compatible with Anderson and Pella.

Upgrading the security of your home or office means installing locks built to take abuse from burglars, seriously deter lock picks and bump-keys, and protect you from someone getting a duplicate key to your home without your knowledge. The weakest link in the security of any home is the sliding glass door. American Craftsman makes the 70 series gliding patio doors, providing ease of access to your outside landscaping. Thanks in advance for any advice provided. The lock on my Anderson hinged patio doors no longer works. It is brass hardware and the small knob that.

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Would you like to get your sliding glass door running smoothly again? Step 3: How to Adjust Sliding Glass Door Rollers for a Smoother Ride. Problem is, my anderson sliding doors won;t open now. I going to attempt to service my sliding door, My sliding door does not lock and when closed there is gap On the my bottom lower right slide that is open, I assume there is adjustment to correct so I do not loose heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.