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PC Magazine provides up-to-date coverage and product reviews of tablets. Here’s what to look for in an Android tablet, along with the top-rated models we’ve tested. Best Android tablets 2016 UK: Here are the 16 best Android tablets you can buy in the UK today – Android tablet buyer’s guide. After 30 hours of testing the Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 is our Android tablet pick. Our K1 review unit was running Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box one of the very few non-Google tablets to do so.

android tablet reviews 2Is there a single best Android tablet out there? For more tablet information, head on over to the TabTimes blog for more tablet news, reviews and information. Do you buy the iPad, an Android competitor or a powerful Windows slate? Check out our tablet reviews and buying guides to find the right slate for your needs. The new-and-improved tablet will come in blue, magenta and tangerine. Android Buyers Guide. It’s not hard to find a Google Android tablet. Samsung, LG, Asus, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, HP, Amazon and others too numerous to name rely on Google’s mobile operating system to power their tablets.

Tom’s Guide has everything you need to know about tablets, from top hardware picks and apps to news and analysis. Plus, get all the latest tablet rumors. Expert reviews of tablet computers from tablets reviews include Android, Windows, Samsung and more. Our list of the best Android tablet to buy in 2016 based on price, performance, display and features, including Samsung tablets, Sony tablets, the Nvidia Shield and more.

Best Android Tablets Of 2016

android tablet reviews 3Read our expert reviews, ratings, and guides to find the best Android tablet for your budget. See today’s top tablets tested and ranked, and compare prices. Acer Predator 8 Gaming Tablet Review: It’s Everything That Nobody Wants In A Tablet. Nvidia Shield Tablet review: the new Nexus 7. It occurred to me while using the Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 that I couldn’t think of an Android tablet I’d rather buy. Really, which tablet is the best? Tablets Reviews. For instance, if you buy a game on an Android smartphone, you could also download it for free on your Android tablet. Android tablet reviews assess consumer features IT should be aware of, such as a free, two-year Dropbox subscription and an app that turns a tablet into a Wi-Fi hotspot. The latest Android tablet from Xiaomi is a budget device with premium materials and a flagship attitude. We find out, in this in-depth Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro review!


The Pixel C Android slate has been developed in-house by Google. In the past, the tech giant partnered with various hardware manufacturers on creating tablets for its Nexus product family. Pixel C Review: Google’s First Android Tablet Is the Best of Its Kind. Read our Android Tablet reviews and compare the best Android models, brands and features. The Google Pixel C is a 10.2-inch Android tablet, the best-built and most impressively constructed of its kind that I’ve ever seen. With a 2560x1800pixel, 308ppi IPS LCD panel that’s an aspect ratio of 1 to the square root of two, if you were interested it’s built around a large, high-resolution screen that is also very bright and has excellent colour reproduction. Shop LINSAY 7 Quad-Core Android 8GB Tablet with Case and App Suite 7264177, read customer reviews and more at