Animal Friendly Wood Treatment Sample Plans PDF

I think most of them say on the tin if they’re pet safe. I did the outside of the buns’ kennel with a wood treatment from Wilkinsons (own brand) that has wax added & this helps the water to bead off rather than sit on the wood and soak in. Choose the best barn paint to keep your farm animals safe and toxin free. Lumber-Seal TriCoPolymer VOC Free, Non-Toxic Wood Sealer. Where treated lumber is concerned, the seal stops it from leaching chemicals and serves as a barrier between contact with humans, pets and plants alike!. Whether you want to maintain and nurture the wood’s natural grain or find a colour to cover the wood, we have a wide selection of products to choose from. Shades or go for a more traditional look with Cuprinol Ultimate Garden Wood Preserver.

animal friendly wood treatment 2Hi, I’m a newbie to this forum I recently purchased a lovely Devon hen coop and Mr Doone has managed to construct a large wooden run which the coop will sit in. It doesnt say its pet friendly but it also doesn’t say it isn’t. I have (pain-bloody-stakingly) built a new hutch for my sons rabbit and without thinking gave it a coat of Ronseal 5 Year Wood stain. Protect the wood and enhance its beauty with this TriCoPolymer VOC Free Non Toxic Lumber-Seal Clear Satin Wood Sealer.

This long lasting coating contains preservatives that are animal friendly and waterproofs with a mix of acrylics and wax. Called Protek Premium Grade it is a ready to use solution available in a range of colours and delivered in 25 litre or 1000 litre containers. Wood Stain and Protector, Decking Stain, Safe and Natural and Clear Tough Coat, find more details here. Protek manufacture a wide range of industrial timber treatments and supply to the retail sector. A versatile coloured protective coating perfect for fencing, sheds, playhouses, animal housing and will even adhere to masonry and terracotta pots. CCA toxicity can be caused by inhalation of gas created by burning CCA treated wood in a fire. It can also be caused by a dog eating the wood or ashes from a CCA wood fire.


If your rabbit hutch is made of wood, it is recommended to have it treated with a professional and animal friendly base coat clear. Be sure to pick something that is animal friendly so as not to pose danger to your beloved pet. Sheds and runs will need treating with pet safe wood preservative to keep them in. Could gnaw on the wood and ingest the paint. And safe for animals and. I know I need to use animal-friendly stuff but what is this exactly? Can I use a normal wood treatment so long as it is water-based? I can’t find anything else in the DIY shops and the pet shop doesn’t sell that type of thing so if I need something special does anyone know what I should look for and where I can get some?ThanksAlison.