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Bungee-cord set is designed to fit virtually any zero-gravity chair (does not fit Cabela’s Lay-Flat Lounger). Includes two short and two long cords that make restringing your chair a breeze. SGT KNOT Zero Gravity Style Chair Universal Replacement Lace Kit is a powerful gravity chair replacement cord for most of the Zero Gravity chairs. In this case, our two zero gravity lounge chairs have moved with us from Minnesota to Oregon to Georgia. So, basically, we can replace the cord on these chairs for the next, oh, 50 years or so.

anti gravity chair replacement cord 2Replacing the Lacing on a Zero Gravity Chair. Zero gravity chairs use synthetic lacing to connect the chair’s panels to the frame elements, and because the lacing bears the weight of the user, it stretches out over time. Zero gravity chair replacement laces Bungee Cord Roll 100 ft Black Colour. Zero Gravity Chair Replacement Lace Cord Kit – 19 Colors in Home & Garden, Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living, Patio & Garden Furniture eBay.

The cords on a zero-gravity chair keep the seat buoyant, but after years of use, cords can become loose, and the chair loses its bounce. Buy a replacement cord for your zero-gravity chair to fix this problem. VER SALES has one of the largest inventory of stretch cord (bungee) products in the country. We also stock our cords in a variety of colors. Replacement bungee cords for Anti-Gravity and Multi-Position chairs and loungers.

How To Repair A Zero Gravity Chair

The Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair offers the ultimate portable comfort. Infinity Beige Zero Gravity Patio Chair. Can I get replacement elastic cord. The Faulkner zero gravity recliner offers instant comfort, adjustability and portability. Unique high-tension elastic cord system provides flexible support. Buy Memer’s Mark Anti-Gravity Lounge Chair – Beige: In Clubs Now at Need to get replacement cord for the seating material. Question details. Dont buy those flimsy old camp chairs or zero-gravity chairs. One of the items we purchased was their zero-gravity lounge chair. This Zero Gravity Chair in Black Finish is designed for outdoor areas, and rests on an iron phosphate powder coated steel frame. It’s secured with plastic cords. Zerogravitychairstore stocks all the latest Zero Gravity Chairs including recliners, loungers and replacement parts for the maximum comfort in.

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Your will be amazed by the difference a Zero-Gravity recliner makes when compared to a standard recliner. LaFuma Recliner Replacement Cords. 39.