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From dainty teapoy to massive trestle, this article lists a range of antique tables, with links to more info about each variety. For those who are just starting to learn about collecting antique tables, this buying guide can serve as an aid in identifying antique tables, discussing the various types of tables, and illustrating how to purchase authentic antique tables. Includes: antique furniture identification, tips for identifying antique furniture, resources for the identification of antique furniture, and learn the basic characteristics of furniture styles. A table acquired at an estate sale has marks on it that confuse me.

antique table identification 2For the antiques collector, identifying antique furniture is one of the most fascinating aspects of antique collecting because most collect what they like. Old and antique tables don’t have metal or plastic taps on the bottoms of their feet. (Sometimes these have been recently added to an old piece. Visually — they haven’t. Before you refinish antique furniture, it’s important to evaluate whether it’s worthy of saving. Learn to identify antique furniture for refinishing.

Showcasing Antique and Vintage Tables collections from around the world; leave a comment or post your own!. Can you help identify this maker of my dining room table? Want to find out about Identifying Antique Furniture? Add to that show off your antiques we love to see them.

Identifying Antique Furniture And Furnishings

antique table identification 3Retail value is the price your table would sell for at a furniture or antique store. View different types of Antique Tables for sale on A new furniture form of this period was the tilting tea table. The Gothic Revival, 1840-1860: This is relatively easy to identify for collectors. If the dining room chairs and table were made from reclaimed driftwood or timber, for instance, and you know they were made in a particular region or decade, it helps narrow down who made the set, as only a few makers, at most, meet those criteria. If you’re still unsure of the furniture’s maker after checking all the minute details on every piece you have, a furniture store or antique dealer may be able to help. Antique Table Identification Talk To A Mechanic. I found the perfect table, a CIRCA 1910 Brunswick Rochester. The table didn’t come with any accessories as the owner was in the process of moving and didn’t know where he put them. Antique Pool Table Restoration Parts. We also offer identification and appraisal service as well as restoration consultation.

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If the wood came from a builder of antique furniture, or a boat-builder, or a trim carpenter: each of these occupations will tend to use certain species of woods much more often than others, making a logical guess much simpler. I need some help identifying the wood of this table I purchased at Salvation Army. We have an antique pool table we are trying to identify. It has 1905 stamped on the underbelly of all four sides and has the number M43229 stamped in the wood of all the railings and all three slates that we’ve found so far. For most common types of table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces and more. Shop tilt-top tables and dessert tables and other modern, antique and vintage tables from the world’s best furniture dealers. Global shipping available.

Learn how to identify different kinds of antique chairs. Due to the shortness of these screws, they usually only appear as hinge screws on drop leaf tables. In this article I provide some information to help you identify woods used regularly to make antiques. Hello! I purchased this table a couple of years back at an antique shop. I am dying to know how old it is! I’ve been researching all day and coming up with mixed ideas.