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It’s often said it’s fine to pinch when it comes to everything but your task chair if you plan to work from a desk more than a few minutes daily, not only for productivity, but also your longterm health. As much as I recommend an ergonomically engineered task chair or standing desk for everyday multi-hour use, sometimes all you really need is a comfortable office chair for short stints or as guest/occasional seating. Finding a stylish office chair can be a nightmare. When I transitioned into working from home, I spent weeks poring over catalogs and browsing online for an office chair that wouldn’t make my bedroom/home office feel too.

apartment therapy desk chair 2What makes a good home office? Is it the chair or desk? The photos and pieces you display? Or is it the technology and equipment that you use throughout the day? We say it’s all of these things and more as we present our ten steps to making your home office a better place to be. So when I went searching for the perfect new desk chair, I looked back at some old posts and culled the opinions of our commenters…. Does anyone have any experience with CB2’s Studio Office chair or Chiasso’s Jr Executive chair? Or recommend another chair?

If you find yourself tired and achy after a day of work in your home office, don’t reach for a cup of coffee. Instead, look down at your office chair. These 10 desks are beautiful, practical, adaptable, and will do their best to turn paperwork into a glamorous endeavor. At minimum, you need a good desk and chair, but that combination can be surprisingly hard to pull off. It’s easy to slip into IKEA mode and buy the off-the-shelf set, or mix and match with weird-looking results.

10 Steps To A Home Office You’ll Love

Last December, Apartment Therapy Boston bloggers Wes and Kayla suggested that the Panton chair just might be the perfect desk chair. Mr. Thoreau, may I be so bold to add a fourth chair? Since making the leap from working at an office to working back at home, one thing has become painfully clear after hours of sitting at the computer desk: my Eames side shell chair, although a beautifully sculpted seat, is not working out as permanent task seating. Yesterday we discussed home offices and a reader wondered about the kinds of chairs others use at their desks. As with other pieces of furniture, there must be a healthy balance between looks and comfort, however, chairs in particular are important since they have a direct impact on the body but also stand out a fair amount in a room. Draper Pryce? See desk chair on Apartment Therapy Classifieds. Classic Hacks: Quickly Find The Perfect Height For Your Office Chair’, ‘Standing Is For Chumps: What To Look For In An Office Chair Infographic ‘, ‘Introducing The ‘Self-Driving’ Office Chair. If you can snag a second-hand one, weblog Apartment Therapy has a full guide for refurbishing it yourself. Apartment Therapy has a few more options for making your own. In fact, the inherently DIY nature of standing desks makes it hard to find the authority on the best desk on the market.

The 6 Things You Need To Look For In A Home Office Chair

Moroccan Leather Pouf Ottoman III. Napa Button Tuft Sofa. Apartment Therapy Complete & Happy Home Book. Heritage Orange Area Rug. Even Plus Arm Chair. Create a Simple, Smart Home Office with Apartment Therapy. The right chair is crucial not only for your comfort but also for supporting healthy posture and contributing to better health. Simple tips on how to clean desk chair caster wheels. When living in a small space, it’s helpful to make every piece of furniture pull double duty. In that spirit, we’ve rounded up 10 multipurpose pieces that will help make even the smallest space feel like a palace.