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This dreamy brass-n-glass number would be perfect in a glam office like Lauren’s (above) or Danielle’s. Q – Okay, I may be in the minority here, but I find Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair is the perfect example of form over function. Sure, it looks so corporate and minimalistic, but after months of awkwardness, leg-circulation cut-offs, and the annoying back support that feels like someone’s elbow, I’m done. So what’s the easiest way to determine if your desk and office chair are at the right heights for your spinal alignment? It’s easier than you think.

apartment therapy office chair 2Are you reading this from an office, public seating area, or meeting room setting? Take a look around you. Note how everyone around is parked in a variety of positions, postures, and angles (you might then want to note your own). It’s common knowledge among bargain shoppers that January is the best month to buy new furniture. With new styles about to hit the show floors and retailers still reeling from the holiday blitz, there are some great deals to be had right now. Small Space Solutions from Apartment Therapy. OfficeOffice Our collection of office furniture features the finest European-made seating, executive desks, task desks, work stations, office storage, conference tables and home office solutions.

Not many chairs could work as comfy living room seating and at a desk. But a wing chair? Learn more at apartmenttherapy.com apartmenttherapy.com. Check out our owner and founder, Marc Schwartzberg, at Apartment Therapy’s Maker talk last fall as he describes how Wobi Office was established.

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What A Great Office Space. One Large, Comfy, Winged, Office Chair, Coming Right Up!