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To that end, here’s a roundup of affordable umbrellas to keep your patio or other outdoor space nice and shady for those lazy summer days. Meals outside, lounging, fresh air naps. You’re going to need one of these sun-shielding umbrellas. No excuses, they’re all under 80 bucks. Hello AT, With the nice weather finally here, I’m looking into purchasing an outdoor umbrella for our terrace. Unfortunately, almost every furniture vendor seems to have a similar 9′ Outdoor Umbrella at significantly different prices: (Note: Include a pic of your problem and your question gets posted first.

apartment therapy patio umbrella 2Over the years, I’ve bought better and better quality umbrellas that last a lot longer, but if we’re not careful in the late summer and early fall, the strong winds will bust up even the best of them. These guys specialize in outdoor garden furniture. Determined to make our little garden usable this summer, I spent several weeks searching for a patio umbrella that would provide sufficient shade. From umbrellas you buy to overhead shade you DIY, there are lots of ways you can create more shade in your outdoor area, whether you have a small balcony or a big backyard.

With the weather becoming oh so pleasant here on the East Coast, our thoughts have been turning to entertaining outside. Umbrellas on the patio are not anything new, and neither are outdoor LED lights, but combine the two and you have a fresh new product that is quite useful. We’ve been looking for a patio umbrella for a little while now. We knew we wanted stripes for the festive look, but didn’t realize how much we wanted a pagoda s See more about Patio Umbrellas, Umbrellas and Patio. Pagoda Style Patio Umbrellas Apartment Therapy. Apartment Therapy. Umbrella Ashley Dress By Jelly The Pug Modern Vintage New Arrivals from shopruche.com.

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St. Kitts 10′ Aluminum Patio Umbrella with Crank & Tilt With this patio umbrella you can enjoy the summer days a little bit more, since it gives you the amazing shelter from the sun and lets you stay outside for longer, while the yellow, vibrant finish brightens up the setting perfectly. Love the plates and the marquee sign on the outdoor building – this is from Valorie’s Bold New Orleans Home on Apartment Therapy! If the years have taken their toll on your patio umbrella, there’s no need to splash out on a new one. Outfitters Bigger Than The Three of Us via Apartment Therapy. One of the ideal aspects of the patio space is that it is completely private from the street due to the growth of the plantings behind a curved retaining wall. Note: Thanks to Apartment Therapy for featuring this project on their site. How to make a flowering outdoor umbrella stand apartment therapy. Discover Maxwell Ryan’s tips for a room design that’s chic and functional. Maybe you already have a nice patio table and need additional seating or perhaps you have a balcony too small for a table.

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Here are 10 tables perfectly suited for small outdoor spaces:. Have a small porch or patio? Stop wistfully eying those eight-person tables with their big cushy chairs and wide sun umbrellas, and embrace the tiny table. Cambria was an editor for both Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn for eight years, from 2008 through 2016. Contemporary Outdoor Umbrellas by Garden Furniture Centre Ltd. 7 creative ways to use outdoor rope lights: line your stairs, wrap your trees, accent your outdoor umbrellas, create rope light pendant lights, and more! Chad and Dave’s Modern Dream Home House Tour Apartment Therapy We Heart It.

You’ve found some favorite succulents at apartmenttherapy.com and gardentherapy. Succulents are some of the most beautiful plants that come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to create an indoor or outdoor planter. More than half of the consumers answering Casual Living and Apartment Therapy’s exclusive 2014 Outdoor Decorating Survey have a completed outdoor room and 21 are in the process of creating one. Fancy Solar Powered Patio Umbrella 169 Brookstone.