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100 Greatest Generals February 2008 Tournament Go to Page. 9, 7,550. Talking. 100 Generals Tournament Commentary ( Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 5. Help us celebrate our fourth anniversary by discovering the 100 greatest Generals of all time! Fight alongside British Paras in Operation Market Garden, 1944 or find your way through a deadly Iraqi minefield all this and more in your latest ACG – on news stands 22nd January!. Summer Campaign 2007, 100 Greatest Generals, Most Decisive Battle, Greatest Westerns, Greatest Spy Movies, Greatest Blunder, Best Pin Up of WW II.

breakfront curio cabinet 2Welcome to our new game created by Winning Moves specially for the readers of Armchair General magazine. We invite you to challenge your friends to see who can reach the highest levels of the game. Top 10 Generals of Western History. For the purposes of this list, those eligible for inclusion must have been field commanders, with undeniable autonomy in their battles; no armchair generals or errand boys here. Born a Corsican, Napoleon became by far the most able general of the modern age, rising from obscurity during the Revolution to Consul and Emperor of the French Empire which spanned from Madrid to Moscow and from Oslo to Cairo. Over 100 battles, most of them against numerically superior enemies, not one lost. Browse every cover and table of contents for the Armchair General Magazine.

In 2008 Armchair General Magazine named Hal as one of the top 100 greatest military generals in the history of the world. Editor-in-chief, Dr. Jerry Morelock, states, Hal Moore was an automatic selection. In the May 2008 issue (I think this was the issue) of Armchair General they listed histories 100 greatest generals would anyone happen to have a PDF of. In unofficial military terminology, an armchair general is a somewhat derogatory term used in the military, politics and the media to describe a member of the military in a high-ranking position whose position is more bureaucratic than functional; and whose position or rank may have been obtained in the absence of combative effort. The term applies to generals or admirals; often a great number of whom never served in combat at all yet have attained high rank and carry out their duties in offices with significant staff, funding and paperwork.

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Just this month, Moore was chosen by Armchair General Magazine as one of the 100 greatest generals in history. A second book about his adventures called We Are Soldiers Still is set to be published by Harper-Collins in September. This superb fighting general defied the odds by commanding two famed infantry divisions in World War II combat. Regardless of the circumstances behind the sacking, these generals typically spent the rest of the war. Supreme Allied Commander Eisenhower had scattered the 1st Division’s combat battalions over a 100-mile defensive sector, assigning the units to other Allied formations and keeping them well back from where U. As a fellow armchair general, I have spent 250+ hours in CKII, which is not even necessarily a war game. If it costs you like 100 food to make one soldier but it only costs five food to upgrade ALL of your existing soldiers, then the game is laughably tech-biased and it would be an absolute joke to not upgrade. General Sir Michael Jackson was the head of the Army on the day Steve Roberts died. He served with the greatest distinction for 45 years and says it was his guiding principle to stand up for soldiers. The charge is that he allowed beloved historic regiments such as the Black Watch to disappear during a drastic army reorganisation; he failed to challenge the Treasury on budget cuts that left soldiers poorly equipped and their families badly housed; and he went along with the Pentagon’s way of war in Iraq knowing that the Americans had scrapped all their plans for the reconstruction of that country, a mistake he and other British generals believed would prove disastrous. Clearly, he was the greatest general of the Thirty Years War. By the time Julius Caesar was born, in 100 B.C., Carthage had been a Roman province for 50 years. There is a magazine that might be of particular interest to some here: Armchair General. Generals of the Bulge: Leadership in the U.S. Army’s Greatest Battle. Since 2004, he has been the editor-in-chief of Armchair General magazine, the only military history magazine selected by the Chicago Tribune as one of its annual list of 50 Best Magazines in the World.

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Generals of the Bulge: Leadership in the U.S. Army’s Greatest Battle (Hardcover). I KNOW I will get comm banned for telling the armchair generals off.