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Armchair General features a unique, interactive editorial that invites the reader to decide the course of action in challenging historical scenarios, to step into the shoes of a battlefield commander. Save on Armchair General Digital Subscription at – Australia’s most trusted brand for discount magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Lorem ipsum dolor sit met FUJI, consectetur adipiscing FOLIAGE elit GRR, sed do eiusmod WATERCOLOR tempor incididunt ut labore et ADOBE LIGHTROOM dolore magna a liqua BOO HISS! Ut enim ad minim venom BLAME FUJI NOT ADOBE, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut HATE! HATE! HATE! aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

armchair general digital 2Military buffs, students & war gamers will enjoy reading Armchair General. The variety in format ensures that they will not get bored to death with history. Just found out that the Armchair General is ceasing publication. Problem is if you had a digital subscription you can no longer download your older issues from Amazon as the publisher pulled the issues. Let’s try to get past the rather obvious point that it’s Mr. Ryan who is the armchair general. Mr. Obama is actually the commander in chief of all the armed forces, whereas Mr.

The editorial approach and exclusive graphics included in Armchair General magazine create an engaging environment where the reader becomes the decision-maker. A magazine for the twenty-first century, Armchair General Captures the imagination of readers who thrive on action, decision-making and who want to relive history. Echo Digital. ArtStation – Just Floating By, – Science fiction digital painting by MuYoung Kim. 40 years today – A Vietnam War Timeline – Page 88 – Armchair General and HistoryNet The Best Forums in History.

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Armchair General. Armchair General Is An Interactive Military History And Strategy Magazine. The Editorial Approach And Exclusive Graphics Included In Armchair General Magazine Create An Engaging Environment Where The Reader Becomes The Decision-maker. A