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Magazine articles, writers, future issues, and special web-only projects here! Sponsored by Military History magazine. In unofficial military terminology, an armchair general is a somewhat derogatory term used in the military, politics and the media to describe a member of the military in a high-ranking position whose position is more bureaucratic than functional; and whose position or rank may have been obtained in the absence of combative effort. For the magazine, see Armchair General (magazine). Forum members, I have the sad duty to report that Armchair General magazine is shutting down and the May 2015 issue is to be the final issue.

armchair general magazine 2Armchair General is an interactive magazine & website dedicated to military history and strategy gaming. Browse every cover and table of contents for the Armchair General Magazine. Armchair General Magazine Cover collection view on

No because I’m not an armchair general. — 54,559,615 dead and counting. Historical Books, Weider History Group, Armchair General Magazine (Weider History Group). Armchair General contains articles on military history, profiles of military leaders, and features that analyze the implications of decisions and look at what would be different had other courses of action been followed.

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Magazine Publishing: What do publications call the systematic process of research to come up with all possible theme they could cover about a general topic? Armchair General is an interactive military history and strategy magazine. The editorial approach and exclusive graphics included in Armchair General magazine create an engaging environment where the reader becomes the decision-maker. Latest from All things military history! Armchair General has reviewed the newly released real time strategy game Machines at War 3. A game for Windows and Mac featuring over 130 types of units and technologies, a 21 mission campaign, and online multiplayer. Charlie Hall from the Armchair General magazine has published his in-depth review of the first module for Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy, Commonwealth Forces. Armchair General (ACG) and ACG online feature a unique, interactive editorial that invites the reader to decide the course of action in challenging hi.

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