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Armchair General magazine subscription information is available here. Also check out other titles from the Weider History Group. For Subscription Problems, please visit our subscription service. To send feedback about our magazine or website, please contact us here. To submit a game, movie, or book for review on our website, or to become a reviewer, please contact us. Get LOWESTTERM issues of Armchair General Magazine for only LOWESTPRICE and save up to MAXSAVEPERC off the newsstand price.

armchair general magazine subscription 2ARMCHAIR GENERAL is the interactive history magazine where you commandand decide the course of action in challenging historical scenarios. Published bi-monthly. Armchair General (ACG) and ACG online feature a unique, interactive editorial that invites the reader to decide the course of action in challenging hi. Armchair General Magazine at a very low price subscriptions. Forum members, I have the sad duty to report that Armchair General magazine is shutting down and the May 2015 issue is to be the final issue. This past spring I let my subscriptions lapse.

Armchair General 1 year magazine subscriptions, and cheap magazine subscription discounts and Armchair General. Magazine subscriptions delivered worldwide, UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Armchair General contains articles on military history, profiles of military leaders, and features that analyze the implications of decisions and look at what would be different had other courses of action been followed. Just found out that the Armchair General is ceasing publication. Easily got a refund, but will certainly miss the magazine. Problem is if you had a digital subscription you can no longer download your older issues from Amazon as the publisher pulled the issues.

Armchair General

Armchair General Magazine features a unique, interactive editorial that invites the reader to decide the course of action in challenging historical scenarios, to step into the shoes of a battlefield commander. Magazines: What periodical subscriptions should all business students read? Armchair General Contact Information and Phone Number for Customer Service. Find Armchair General customer service online for address changes, price comparison, publisher contact number, Armchair General magazine back issues and Canada delivery. ARMCHAIR GENERAL magazine subscriptions are no longer available through Acclaim Subscriptions. Please see below for popular alternative magazine subscriptions. So far, I have a subscription to World War II and Armchair General, both great magazines, always with interesting articles, book reviews, and also fun battle commander scenarios in Armchair General.

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