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Well that lead to building a 4’x4’x4′ chicken coop, which lead to me opening and closing the door every day to let them in and out. It got old quick so I figured there had to be a better way. In this Instructable I’ll be showing how to make an easy automatic chicken coop door opener. The door is lifted and closed by an electric car antenna which is activated by a timer. Join 2 million + to receive instant DIY inspiration in your inbox. DIY solar powered automatic chicken coop door opener. Save.

automatic chicken coop door diy 2Automatic Chicken Coop Door – Chicken Coop Plans Construction. The archetypical, and arguably most fundamental entity you should do antecedent to edifice your DIY weakling hencoop is canvass anesthetic regulations. I feel a automatic coop door opener is a must have for every urban chicken keeper, especially if your spouse, like mine, is not too keen about being woken up at dawn everyday by hens anxious about getting on with their business for the day. Our selection of automatic chicken coop doors offers the very best technology so you have a convenient solution for all of your needs. Shop today!

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automatic chicken coop door diy 3Help me build an Automatic chicken door DIY – Do It Yourself. Sounds interesting, but how to ensure that the chickens are all in the coop before the door closes? Where I live, chickens generally need to be closed into a predator-proof coop at night. Then they need to be let out in the morning. This can be a tedious chore and hazardous to the chickens if forgotten.

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