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Hi this is my first instructable so sorry if it’s not perfect. Basically i bought some chickens a while ago and thought about making something to automatically open. Hello everyone, I have a chicken coop with a sliding vertical door. I can grasp the mechanics of how it will work, but I don’t have the expertise to design the circuitry. Solar-powered automated chicken coop door with the MSP430 microcontroller. This circuitry opens and closes the door of the cicken coop completely automatic. The door-opener worked quite well when some days ago all of a sudden the 1-Ohm-resistor burned through and also the motor driver broke.

automatic chicken door opener circuit 2Some people are handy enough to make their own automatic chicken doors, and you can find all manner of instructions on the internet some ingenious, some flaky, and some downright dangerous. Since electronics tend to get sluggish in cold weather, a clever built-in temperature compensation circuit gives the motor a little extra oomph to keep the door running smoothly when the temperature dips. How to make a solar powered automatic chicken coop door opener and closer that is off the grid and uses a windshield wiper motor. I like Chris and Keri’s automatic chicken door solution for several reasons. I’ve been looking at several different versions of these automatic doors on the internet and this is one of the first to use limit switches, which might come in handy for future experiments.

The battery and circuitry is zip tied in place next to the motor. Using the superb PICAXE 08M2 chip I put together an automatic coop door opener (named the Cluck-O-Matic) so I did not have to get up so early in the morning. VSB Chicken Door Opener Circuit Board and Motor. Pullitt automatic chicken coop door opener and c loser.

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L298N Motor Controller for Automatic Chicken Coop Door (top connection details). 1 The electrical controller this supplies the power for the opener and generates the signal to open or close the door. Mains cable 1.5sqmm 5A twin & earth as used on lighting circuits is suitable. We offer here on this website an automatic chicken door system made in the USA. As well as doors panel hardware and kits for hen house, and livestock, made in the USA. This door will open at the rise of a new day using an electronic circuit to sense the light level. On Youtube there are plenty of automatic chicken coop doors that use string to raise/lower a guillotine-style door, sliding vertically in a track. Hey cowboy, i was looking at your schematic and was wondering what the symbol was under the dpdt relay or is it part of the switch? I looked up symbols and it looks like a shock relay.

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