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Shop Categories. Amplifiers Bass Cabinets Garage Sale Guitar Cabinets Contemporary Signature Traditional Vintage Hellatone Speakers Parts Cables Speakers Specials! I hear alot of people talk about them, but don’t really know what they are. breaking down what avatar means, are they cheap knock off cabs? NEW AVATAR CELESTION 212 2 Vintage 30s Black Guitar amp Speaker cabinet blems. Traditional PREMIER direct from AvatarSpeakers. CARVIN 2X12 CABINET WITH HELLTONE SPEAKERS FROM AVATAR CABINETS MADE IN U.S.A. 300.00. Buy It Now.

avatar cabinets 2Avatar 2×12 speaker cabinet – light weight and good sound. So far, I’m considering the Avatar Vintage 2×12 cab (around 430 after shipping). This is the oversized bluesbreaker looking 2×12 cab, with piping and black grill cloth option. I’d probably get the V30/H30 speaker combo in it. Anyways, I was about to place an order for the Orange 2×12, as I have played through them and have been happy (they have always delivered a full sound for a 2×12)..but I keep reading great things about the Avatar cabinets.

Hey folks, just wondering if anybody here has tried the Avatar cabs? I see they are now being sold in Canada and I am thinking about the 212 but don’t know what speakers I should load into it. Any opinions? I’d kinda like a fatter less super detailed sort of sound. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Avatar Bass Amplifier Cabinets at Guitar Center. Most orders are eligible for free shipping! I’m looking at possibly purchasing a b410 cab not the neo from Avatar, but I haven’t heard or seen one in person. They seem reasonably priced and are.

Avatar 2×12 Speaker Cabinet Review

avatar cabinets 3Has anyone heard anything about Avatar guitar cabinets? I looked at the website and read the reviews and they looked pretty good. The website is www.avatarspeakers.com. I was thinking about getting the custom cabinet that has two Celestion G12H30’s on the bottom and two Celestion V30’s on top. Avatar seems like pretty basic, reliable stuff, more mass produced. VERY inexpensive..I can get a loaded cab (celestion v30’s- not cheap) from them for 50 bucks less than the empty cab from Emperor. I’m starting to see tons of these emperors around in chicago- I’m really not in it for the looks and would probably remove the nameplate. We will be moving our offices soon and we are not certain what to do about our file cabinet drawers. The full file cabinets are heavy and the office mover may not be able to move them full. Should be empty our file cabinets? No matter how badass your guitar, amps, and effects might be, the wrong cabinet can work against it all and leave you wondering what the hell happened to your sound. Avatar Premiere New Music Video, The Eagle Has Landed. ”. Posted in Other Amps at. The Gretsch Pages: Where real Gretsch talk happens since 1995.

Avatar Cabinets In Canada. Any One Tried Them?