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This post is part of our Hiring a Finish Carpenter Tips series. 00 a day does not include a profit for the finish carpenter that will allow them to grown their business that’s just what it takes to cover business expenses and his or her own salary. Labor rates for a finish carpenter. Being a one man operation, my lead time for an average sized kitchen (about 30 to 35 feet of cabs) is about 3weeks if there arn’t alot of extras added. I and a very experienced finish carpenter, cabinetmaker, furniture maker, what ever you want to call me. 4 the pay rate for yourself must reflect both skilled labor and laborer.

average finish carpenter salary 2Hello, I’m a lic. contractor in California, I am a finish carpenter and cabinet installer. Yea but you still end up with a hourly wage, you make so much it takes so much time divide one into the other and you have your hourly rate. Probably setting myself up for beans and weenies, but there are a lot of hungry carpenters around right now, and Pensacola has always been cheap, compared to the national average. Is anyone willing to share what a good trim carpenter might be making these days? Those readers as a group were a fairly successful grouping of contractors and the average Net Profit figure that their companies earned was 11.5. Those who worked as building finishing contractors averaged significantly more, 46,030 per year.

Compared to all occupations, wages for this occupation are below average. Indicates that Hourly wage rates for occupations where workers typically work fewer than 2,080 hours per year are not available. Cabinetry and finish carpenter, 04/27/2016, Iron, 12, 15. Our trade covers everyone from framing and finish carpenters to custom furniture builders, journeymen cabinetmakers, turners, carvers and luthiers, to name a few. Find out what the average pay is for the area and match it, he advises.

What Do You Get Per Hour?

A finish carpenter is the guy who takes that rough finished shell and adds the trim, cabinets doors ect and turns it into a place of pride and comfort. In addition to any wage you offer him, be there for him in this time of need.

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