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Baby-Proofing Tips for Gamers: Turn the Gate Around. Seamus has been fascinated by the blinking lights of the entertainment center since he came home nine months ago. Many companies make entertainment centers like this one from Ikea. Barriers to access like baby gates work as short term solutions, but I haven’t met anyone who tried it and was satisfied for more than a week. So you can watch movies on there with your child without them pressing every button? Or is there a keyboard lock button? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

baby gate around entertainment center 2When he does, I’m thinking of getting an extention on our gate around the fireplace, to include the area around the entertainment center. Baby Proofing the entertainment center: window screen material and industrial Velcro More. No Hole Stairway Baby Gate Mounting Kit By Safety Innovations, (baby gate, stair gate, baby-proofing, baby gates, safety, gates, gate, baby proof, baby, doorways) More. Everything you need to know to keep your baby safe and sound around your staircase. Fireplace Gates & Entertainment Center Protection. Baby Proofing the entertainment center: window screen material and industrial Velcro More. In this Maplewood home we installed a safety gate that protects the staircase from little one’s entering but we also are preventing a climbing hazard by wrapping it around the banister.

Starting to babyproof the house, pretty sure I’ll have to put a gate or something in front of the TV and DVD player and speakers etc. Our entertainment center has sliding doors so those have baby-proof locks. DH suggested we get a baby gate to place in front of it, but with no walls on either side to attach it to, the gate would just be leaning on the TV table, which obviously won’t work since it would just get pulled down on top of him as soon as he can stand. If you put a gate in front of the entertainment center, what do you secure it to? We had plugs in all the outlets and latches on the entertainment center, she says. What to do: Never leave your child alone in or near any kind of water. Ask your neighbors to lock their pool gate and offer to purchase a pool alarm, which sounds when something falls into the water.

Child-proofing Your Center

baby gate around entertainment center 3Crawl around the floor at baby level and clear away any small objects your child could put into his or her mouth, such as coins or beads, as well as suffocation hazards such as plastic bags or popped balloons. Install baby gates at the tops and bottoms of staircases and around any rooms or areas containing hazards, such as a kitchen or fireplace. And we have no issues with using baby gates, as Guinevere is lightening fast, is VERY quick to open. So if you’re anti-baby gate, please ignore this post, as moving the entertainment center, etc. EntPage family maybe one of those would work? the babies r us near us has similar ones, right near the doorway gates but not displayed, just in boxes. Use these kits to install gates to banisters, drywall, baseboards, wrought iron railings. As a reminder – never place your baby’s crib near a window and do not mount monitor cameras within three feet of the crib. Complete line of guards and straps to help protect your child and entertainment center. Stairways: Secure the top and bottom of stairways with baby safety gates. Computer and Entertainment Centers: Areas around computers and entertainment centers can have several hazards to children. Babyproofing fireplace option from Thought this might be a good idea around the entertainment center! I am looking for gate recommendations and/or suggestions to keep a mobile baby away from our small entertainment center and small shelving unit. Now days shes 17mths old, never goes anywhere near the stautes or breakables unless she wants 2 be cheeky and lick it or nudge it with her head on her way past lol cuz she knows licking isnt touching hehe.

Do You Have A Baby Gate Around Your Tv & Dvd Player?

It’s important to baby proof your house before or right after your baby is born, because there’s no telling when he or she will learn how to get around. It’s best to mount your TV to the wall or secure it to the stand or entertainment center. As far as cords go-we have a ton around our tv stand and I’ve covered the cords and outlets by propping up pillows to cover them up. There are also free standing baby gates that you can use to create a barrier around the pet food. In our last place the entertainment center was in a corner so we only had to deal with one end exposed and we pushed her toy basket in front of that end which worked. Babies need room to crawl and move around and a Pack N’ Play just doesn’ t provide much room once a baby begins crawling. Unlike a mesh play yard, these play gates are designed in a way that makes it easier for babies to pull up and hold onto while learning to cruise. You could also use it as a barrier to guard off things you don’t want the kids getting a hold of such as in front of the entertainment center to block the DVD player. I fenced off my TV center with great results, put simple gate locks on all my doors (eye and hook at the top of the frame), and for your shelves you could put in little mini curtains attached to dowels on the top and bottom so that you can slide the fabric aside, but he would be dismayed. Instead of making a circle around him with it, make a wall around your entertainment center or whatever.

Last month my Dad installed baby safe locks on the sink cabinets, and this past weekend we put up a gate around the glass entertainment center the one full of buttons that Avery LOVES playing with. The actual problem was that the baby gates of her playpen were just high enough to block the line of sight to her television, which was located on a plain old IKEA Lack TV bench. At many stages in the first 2 years or so, they’re able to move around, tumble over, and get into things in one way or another. Walkers may give a baby the momentum needed to break through a gate (sometimes with stairs on the other side).