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This is just a basic guide, indicating what size tablecloths are needed to reach the floor on basic sized tables. See our simple to use tablecloths sizes and measurements chart. See our easy to use sizes chart for the right size tablecloth or other standard table linen sizes. The 1 question that our customers ask us is, what size tablecloth do I need?, to answer that question you must first know the size and style of the tables you will be using at your event, and if you want the cloth drop to be all the way to the floor, or half-way to the floor which is about 15 inches on standard 30 inch high dining or banquet tables. Rectangular banquet tables are fitted with cloths similarly:.

banquet table linen sizes 2Table Size, Cloth Size, Skirt Size. 8′ X 30 (seats 10), Use a banquet cloth, drop will be half-way down the table. Use a 90 x 156 cloth, covers entire table. Ensuring that your linens are the right size for your tables can save you time, stress, and money. 90 x 156 conference cloth is the ideal size to fully cover your banquet table.

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