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BACKGROUND: A logging crew member was hand-felling a sawtimber-sized tree on a late fall afternoon in the Southeastern U.S. PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: The crew member was approximately 40 years old and had been working in logging operations his entire adult life. One type of falling mishap, know as a barber chair, is particularly dangerous. A barber chair occurs when a tree being felled delaminates vertically before the hinge is cut thin enough to bend. Do to tremendous forces coursing up and down a spar during the changes in leveraged force in felling a tree; a spar can give out and split with fatal consequence to fellar.

barber chair tree 2Caution must be taken, when cutting larger trees, to not leave too much of this Holding Wood. This can cause another condition known as a Barber Chair. I’ve always taken precaution on leaning trees with bore cuts and a trigger combo. Here is a short video to show how fast a barber chair could kill a faller. BACKCUT (Felling Cut): The last of the three cuts required to fall a tree. Located on the opposite side of the tree from the face and minimally 1 above the horizontal cut of the face. BARBER-CHAIR: Vertical split of a tree during the falling procedure.

When you get a barber chair your sides are the strongest point. Your just taking that away from the tree. only takes a couple inchs. This time of year softwoods should be done like this on every tree. Over the last tree weeks I have seen four Med sized ash trees Barber chair. One of these has been with me and the rest with others I have been working. A tree that, while in the process of receiving the back cut, splits lengthwise and leaves a vertical piece of wood on top of the stump.

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Barber chair: a tree which splits upward along the grain during falling. To see a classic barberchair, watch the video below.

My First Barber Chair